Review: Martha Tilaar Dewi Sri Spa Cucumber Melon Body Mist and Srcub

On October 19, 2012 by Michelle

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Earlier on, I have introduced to you Martha Tilaar on my blog post HERE. Now, let’s get on to the products. These products are kindly sponsored by Martha Tilaar for reviews. Rest assured, my reviews will be 100% honest.

At Martha Tilaar, they have every product catered to every aspect of your body care needs, be it body scrubs, gels, lotions, creams, sprays to even massage oils!

Today, I would be focusing on the Cucumber Melon series from the Dewi Sri Spa range.

Cucumber melon is highly rich in water, and this historical vegetable is widely recognized in Asia. Moreover, in Indonesia, cucumbers are a part of a nation’s cuisine. Enriched with Vitamin C, Glucida and Amino acid promotes useful nutrient to gain soft skin. Cucumber and melon is an induring blend riched with Vitamin C which promotes beautiful skin.

Cucumber Melon Body Mist (250ml)

Long-lasting exotic fragrance of cucumber and melon that lifts up your spirit. Enriched with natural moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft.

Ingredient list:


I tried out all the different scents at the store and Cucumber Melon is my personal favourite among the bunch. Being not a huge fan of sweets and florals, Cucumber Melon is my cup of tea. Refreshing is the word to describe it. This scent can even be unisexual! If you are scratching your head over what presents to give for the oppositie sex, Cucumber Melon is the perfect gift! I’m pretty sure nowadays, men would no longer regard body care as being too feminine. Guys need to take care of themselves too!

This body mist would work best if you layer it over its body lotion, srcub or wash. The scent would be even more prominent if you do so. Just using the body mist alone, I would have to spray is a few times to get the most out of the scent as it is not an eau de parfum. Perhaps I have a poor sense of smell, but this actually prevents you from smelling like a cucumber BOMB! You know how you can choke on someone’s perfume when they walk past? You won’t get that. The scent from this body mist is mild from just one spritz, hence it is definitely gentle on your nose if you have a sensitive one like mine. I would sneeze if I am “perfume-bombed”. I came up with this term – cool aye? Like all other body mists, you have to spritz this all over your body a few times.

As this has a pretty high alcohol content, I’d try to refrain spraying this on eczema patches. Would this be long lasting? Definitely so if you layer on its body lotion, scrub or wash as mentioned. I do find myself spraying this at least twice per day if used alone. If Martha Tilaar comes up with an eau de parfum, I would jump for it!


Cucumber Melon Body Scrub (380g)

Gentle apricot granules enriched wit rice and cucumber extract and Vitamin C. Cucumber melon body scrub helps remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin regeneration, bringing out softer and more luminous skin.

Ingredient list:


As mentioned in my previous Mithar Tilaar post, all the key ingredients are reaped from their own plantation back in Indonesia. They aim to use the most natural products, true to their heart. Open the tub, and you can immediately smell the cucumber goodness!

Unlike some body scrubs I have used, this is one of the creamiest! Instead of lathering up, this scrub turns to a milky emulsion that helps to leave the skin silky smooth. The apricot granules are fairly gentle yet effective to use on the body, which can definitely helps to remove all the dead skin especially at our joints such as our elbows and knees. Upon washing off the scrub, there is no tight or dry feeling on the skin, and the milky emulsion makes my skin feels smoother like baby skin. This is one rich product plus the refreshing cucumber scent…it is just total goodness!

A pity I don’t have the body butter in Cucumber Melon but other products are just as well deserving as these. So there you go, here is my review on Cucumber Melon from Martha Tilaar.



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