Food Review: Saveur Budget Friendly French Food

On July 5, 2013 by Michelle

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Saveur is a budget friendly restaurant that bring French food to us at a gastronomic price. Located conveniently at Purvis street, a few minutes walk from City hall or from Bugis, you will find this restaurant located near the Bras brasah complex.

“Saveur is the brainchild of two young and enterprising friends who decided to pursue their dreams. After stints at various fine diners like Guy Savoy, Fifty Three and Tetsuya’s in Sydney, they discovered that there is a need to provide quality French fare at affordable prices. Armed with an entrepreneur rigor and wit, Saveur was set up.” – Saveur FB

As the restaurant is not opened throughout the day, only for lunch and dinner time and I understand as to why. They wanted to save cost on the preparation of food. Even the food menu is fairly small, allowing the chefs to prepare the food easily at larger portions to feed more mouths.

Even though their choice of food may be limited, long queues are unavoidable if you are queuing for dinner especially on a weekend. For my first try, I went to their restaurant at 1.30pm when their last order is at 2pm. Because the restaurant is closing soon, I manage to get a seat easily as the main crowd were leaving. If you can finish your food within 30 minutes, and you want to skip the queue, try going to the restaurant at 1.30pm.

The restaurant has minimalistic decoration. Simple yet lovely.

I went straight to the main course and ordered the Confit of Duck ($9.90).

The meat is juicy and I love most about the crispy skin on the duck confit. The oranges at the side really help complement the duck as it freshenes up the whole dish. And buttery mash potatoes and sautéed mushrooms, who wouldn’t love that?

Beef Bourguignon ($13.90)

My friend had this dish but I took a few bites as well. Pretty ordinary, and I wish they have given the beef more sauce. I like the salad at the side though.

Potato gratin as a complimentary side dish. Yummy, creamy and cheesy. The chives really help bring add more flavour.

Textures of Citrus ($6.90)

This was so fun to eat! They have shaved orange ice and the side on top of a slice of blood orange gelatin, as well as some crunchy biscuits of some sort . I am pretty sure they have other ingredients out there but hey, I am a beauty blogger, not a food blogger! If I were to guess, they have some sort of sweet raspberry as the sauce together with some finely sliced citrus fruits on the plate.

These were fun to eat because the bright colours induces the joy and happiness of eating this dessert. The tangy citrusy also brightens up the mood of my tastebuds.

If you want to go easy on your wallet but would still like to enjoy a French inspired cuisine, head on down to Saveur!

5 Purvis Street  Singapore 188584
Mon – Sun: 12:00 pm – 2:15 pm, 6:00 pm – 9:15 pm



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