South Bouna Vista: Paddy Hills Cafe

On November 10, 2015 by Michelle

Happy Diwali everyone!

Sorry for the long hiatus but this 6 months break from the blogging industry has been good as I managed to focus on my work as well as with my loved ones. Despite that, I missed penning down my thoughts on my recent life on my blog so I am back, hopefully for long!


I am sure all of us are just looking for the right activity for this holiday today, so why not head on down to a cafe and relax with your loved ones or friends. I have always been a cafe hopper, so naturally, my first destination for food are cafes! Famous for its instagram-able food and spanky interior design, Paddy Hills has been fairly new in the cafe scene since March 2015 but their name has been known to many cafe hoppers in Singapore.


The cafe is conveniently located at the Haw Par Vill MRT stations, and I love cafes that are secluded, away from the crowd, but still fairly accessible.


That day, I was sitting by the bronze long counter, watching over how the barista pull the espresso shot from this sexy 50kg worth of steel/coffee machine.


My friend had her 1872 Clipper Tea, which most cafe carries.

Tue Guan Yin $6.50





Soy Latte $5.50 + $0.80 for soy

And I obviosly had to go for their coffee. Soy milk is really hard to froth so I was impressed when I had a tulip latte art for my soy latte! The coffee is fruity which my friend loves as she is not a coffee drinker. So this blend of coffee is perfect for her taste bud! Nothing too strong/acidic.


One thing about this cafe is that we had to wait quite a while for the food to be served. So my friend and I had to fill in our time by taking photos around the cafe. If you are in a rush, consider coming over here when you have more time to spare. Since we had to wait for so long, our stomachs are growling like mad so the food better be good!



Truffle Vongole $23

OMG the truffle really brings this pasta dish to another whole level! And the sake sauce was so good that my friend finished the sauce up!






Orange Ricotta $18

I myself had the ricotta pancakes as I was craving for something sweet. This is one of the best pancake ever! So fluffy! The citrus fruits brings balances the sweetness of the syrup on the pancakes.





Cauliflower fritters $12

Because we are so hungry, we ordered another side dish. This was quite a disappointment. I think the chefs probably forgot to add the Paprika Salt as the entire friend cauliflower was so bland. Just the Masala Yoghurt alone could not help. If there was proper seasoning, I think this would be a good alternative to french fries for your sides.


I would definitely come back here for the panckaes / desserts with coffee!


Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road
Tel: 6479 0800



Thanks for reading ~

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