Review: Clarisonic MIA (after 20 months of usage)

On February 11, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


I decided to do a quick mini review of the Clarisonic MIA since I was just explaining on how I use it to a fellow member at SG_beauty, one of the Singapore’s beauty community.

I purchased my yellow Clarisonic MIA in July 2010 and have been using this ever since! During that period, my skin was on a life-changing phase with a new skincare routine then, using my Paula’s Choice products (review HERE). With the help of the Clarisonic MIA, I feel that my skin has a 180 degree turn and I can say that my skin has never been better! Of course, now, i still strive to achieve better skin, but to compare my acne skin back then, it was quite a relief.


So, I have been using it for almost 2 years now, well 20 months to be exact. And I will be answering some questions which I thought could be commonly used before you invest in this skincare gadget.

Do you use the cleanser that comes along with Clarisonic MIA?

Try to use a thick creamy or a foaming cleanser with this, I find that these cleansers work better than thin cleansers that does not foam  much. Just make sure that your foaming cleanser does not strip off too much of your natural oil from skin, especially if it is dry.

Should I still use this if I have dry skin?

I have pretty dry or dehydrated skin myself and I see no problem in using Clarisonic MIA with sufficient moisturizing after using MIA. Different skin react differently so for some, during their initial stages of using MIA, they have little bumps on their faces. This is probably because the skin is not used to the exfoliation given by MIA or their skin could become a little sensitive using MIA for the first time. After using it for about a week, your skin should be able to be immune to the MIA and reap the benefits of it.

I was lucky enough not to have any problems with MIA in the initial changes and my skin adapted to it very quickly. I am a chameleon! One tip is also not to use it night and day. I only use it every night since it exfoliates the skin, which could lead to your skin getting dry. Not only does the exfoliation makes my skin softer, it always improve the blood circulation for my skin.

It is also very effective in removing all the makeup or dirt residue on your face, thus I use it at night, in case my cleansing oil does not do a proper job. With this, I can also cheat a little by using a cheaper cleansing oil that does not clean well, but that is not a good advice!

Just remember to moisturize after using MIA!

Is there a need to exfoliate now?

Since MIA has exfoliating properties, I would say that your normal exfoliation of skin using products with beads, is no longer necessary as MIA remove the dead skin cells from your skin. However, I still use my chemical exfoliation, BHA, around 3 times per week. Right now I have decreased that to 2 times per week only. Exfoliating too much of your skin removes too much natural oil from your skin. That may sound good for people with oily skin but it may lead to your skin being dehydrated and causing it to counter-react and produce more oil to moisturize your skin, which is a vicious cycle!

Which brush head should I use?

Despite having sensitive skin, I do not use the Delicate brush head, which is softer than Sensitive brush head. I find the Normal brush head too harsh for me personally and feel that the Sensitive brush head is a “universal” brush head for all skin types. MIA however, does not work with the Body brush head. To use the Body brush head, you would need Clarisonic Plus.

There is a Deep Pore cleansing brush which unfortunately I have not used before. This is meant for people with oily skin and large pores, according to Clarisonic.

It is advised to change your brush head 3-4 months but that is too expensive. I usually change it every 6-7 months. Just make sure your brush heads are dry after use before storing them in your toilet (which is humid and prone to bacterial manifestation.)

If my MIA is purchased from USA, can the plug be used in Singapore?

Shown in the picture above is the pLink Magnetic 100-240v Charger. You would need ot make sure you have this universal 2 pin adaptor for charging your MIA.

Where can you purchase Clarisonic MIA, cheaper than retail?

You can purchase it from They always have 20% off and ships internationally. If you want to save on shipping, you can perhaps purchase other items from the store to split shipping or collate orders with your friends to share shipping cost.

The MIA costs USD119, which adds up to roughly SGD124 after 20% off. Right now they have a 20% off code: CUPID20

Here are their shipping rates:

All other countries 10-14 business days* 5 p.m. ET
on a business day
$14.95 USPS
5-7 business days*. Varies by location. 5 p.m. ET
on a business day
$39.95 FedEx International


I hope this post is helpful! Please feel free to comment with more questions and I would be glad to help.

Disclaimer: My Clarsonic MIA is purchased by me and I was not asked to do this review by Clarisonic or




Thanks for reading ~

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