Review: Mentholatum Lip Gel Series

On July 17, 2012 by Michelle

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Dry, craked, swollen lips are problems that I face since I was a kid. My lips were so dry, swollen and red that people called me Snow White. Plus being fair isn’t helping. If I don’t apply lip balm once every few hours, my lips would be chapped!

I am always on a hunt for good lip balms, and thankfully, I have already found a few Holy Grails. However, this does not stop me from the hunt.

Today, I would be reviewing these Mentholatum Lip Gels and let’s see if they are up to my standard!

Mentholatum Lip Care is the number #1 brand in Japan. I have been a fan of their Lip Ice back in 2000! Wow, time really flies. These 3 medicated lip gels are their new addition to their lip care line. Beside the normal moisturizing benefits, these gels have nourishing vitamins and nutritional supplements for healthy lips.

There are three different lip gels:

  1. Medicated Q10 & Ceramide Lip Gel
  2. Medicated Vitamins Lip Gel
  3. Medicated Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel

All three are sheer, but you can see that they each have different textures. The medicated vitamin lip gel is less transparent, and slightly thicker in texture. Between medicated Q10 & ceramide lip gel and medicated hyaluronic acid & collagen lip gel, the latter is more liquidy.

They just apply sheer on the lips, all three of them. Pardon the bare face…and lips.

Medicated Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel

  • Hyaluronic acid lock in moisture, providing long-lasting hydration to the lips.
  • Collagen to improve texture and elasticity.

Medicated Vitamins Lip Gel

  • 4 essential vitamins (A, B2, C, E) to provide hydration, protection and help repair chapped lips
  • With menthol to soothe and refresh lips

Medicated Q10 & Ceramide Lip Gel

  • Co-Q10 supplement to help reduce the apperance of fine lines and maintain healthy, youthful-looking lips.
  • Ceramide for suppler, fuller lips.


My Review:

The only thing I dislike about this is the squeeze tube. Not that I have anything against squeeze tubes, but these tend to dispense too much gel at one shot, especially for the gel that is more liquid – Review: Mentholatum Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel.

Aside to that, I really like the moisture all 3 lip gels gave to my lips. It’s really hard to say whether my lips have become fuller or if my lip texture improved overall, but I like that my lips remain moisturized even though the gel seems to have disappeared. These gels do not leave any layer of “oil” or film after it has been absorbed to your lips. The gel looks like a clear gloss on the lips and slowly get absorbed into the lips.

In addition, I heard that some lip balms contain an ingredient to make your lips drier after application in order for you would keep applying them constantly! Some companies used this tactic to increase their sales! This is not the case for these lip gels because just one application is sufficient to ensure that my lips are moisturized for long hours. I do realize some other lip balms (such as the EOS lip balm) caused me to keep reapplying every few hours.

Overall, I enjoyed pocketing these balms around, eg one for each pouch, in case I don’t carry my bag around! These are handy, pretty flap and portable. No more dry lips! Yay!

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