Review: L’Oreal Professional INOA 2 Hair Dye

On August 20, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


Let me introduce to you a breakthrough Hair Dye technology by L’Oreal Professional – INOA 2!


*Respects the essential amino acids and lipid balance of natural hair.

No ammonia?! That’s right! My scalp is extremely sensitive, and it is so difficult looking for hair dyes without ammonia.

While other leading haircolor brands reply on Ammonia-enriched waterbased formulas, INOA completely reinvents the haircolor porcess thanks to ODS2 – a revolutionary new technology that harnesses the power of oil to maximize color performance using minimal concentrations of ME, an alternaiive alkaline agent to ammonia.

INOA’s Oil Delivery System amplifies the penetration of the colour agents into the hair and preserves the hair’s lipid protection post-application.

OSD breakthrough technology brings lightening possibilities and coverage performance never seen before in an ammonia-free haircolor treatment. INOA guarantees real permanent color results with an ammonia and odor-free formula that respects the hair and its essential amino acids and ensures optimized scalp comfort.

 If the technology has high oil content, does this mean it will leave the hair oily? 

No. The oil concentration is carefully calibrated to ensure that it only serves to achieve active agent penetration into the hair fiber. Its actual “cosmetic” impact on the hair is nil, and it is rinsed out during the haircolor treatment process. Rinsing is actually easier and faster with the new two-part INOA formula.

This series has a stunning range of 74 Shades with an addition of 13 shades from their NEW INOA Suprême Anti-Aging Haircolor.

Rich Developer has 20 vol, 30 vol.

A technological breakthrough: the INOA hair colour system comes in 3 parts.

  1. Oleo gel
  2. Oxidant Riche
  3. Hair colorant

 When you apply INOA several times to the same hair, is the hair even more protected each successive time than the first? 

Yes. INOA is up to 45% more respectful of hair fiber than a traditional oxidation haircolor treatment after 1-5 applications. The surface and cortex oils and lipids and the essential amino acids of natural hair are preserved after 1-9 applications. The fiber is also 35% more texturized compared to the traditional oxidation treatment after 9 applications (tested using instruments).

INOA also released 3 after-care hair products for you to use at home. These products contain intense nutrition argan oil for lipid reload, as well as optimal protection anti oxidant green tea that protects the external layer of hair colored wit INOA.


Available in Salons that uses INOA colour.


Ingredient list for the INOA hair colour dye:

Thanks for L’Oreal professional for inviting me to their event. I was in a desperate need of a hair dye back then and was glad to have found INOA. This event was held at Shaw Tower Canele which has closed down unfortunately for the expansion of Isetan.

Courtesy of L’Oreal Professional, I was invited to try out the new INOA hair dye! My current state of hair then was dry, with ugly grown out blonde highlights against an uneven shade of hair.

The colour I chose from the INOA hair dye series is Ash Brown.

Here is how my hair turned out to be:

I am so happy with the results, well almost!

My hair is colored to a dark brown (great for corporate office work environment) with beautiful condition, stunning shine right after the hair dye. What surprised me was that I had no hair treatment done right after the dye and my hair is astonishingly smooth! INOA claims to provide 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition, which I can say that the claim is true! Considering that no hair treatment has been done on my hair for more than a year, I can say that this hair dye is moisturizing!

The only disappointment is that the ash in my hair faded within after around 30 washes. Now, I am ended up with a fairly warm brown. Ashy colours is very hard to show up on Asian hair and more often than not, to achieve ashy colours, our hair have to be bleached.

For my previous hair dyes, my scalp is so sensitive that it always flakes after each dye due to the harsh chemicals. Sometimes, my scalp may even burn upon contact of the hair dye. For INOA, I experienced none of this problems at all, no joke! It’s very gentle to my scalp and am definitely considering INOA in the future for future hair colouring.



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