Introducing + Swatches: L’Oreal Lucent Magique (Foundation, Concealer, Primer & BB Cream)

On November 30, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


Following the footsteps of the success of L’Oreal True Match Foundation, the brand has come up with a new line called Lucent Magique that provides luminosity to the skin.

L’Oreal came up with the technology called Magic Light.

Bryon Liquid: a silver transparent liquid so radiant it boosts an unrivaled light reflection on skin while keeping skin transclucent soft and comfortable.

In this Lucent Magique line, there is a Primer, BB cream, Highlighter/Concealer and lastly the Foundation.

Lucent Magique Primer

This primer reflects the light o your skin so that you achieve a 3D sculpted look. Feel the pearly liquid melt on your skin as it gets smoothed out almost immediately.

Use it alone for a subtle glow or under your foundation for a long lasting hold.




Lucent Magique BB Cream

This is the first skin illuminating BB Cream. Exclusive Intuitive BB Capsule which encapsulate a blend of skin-perfecting pigments that activates upon application to diffuse doses of magic on the skin.




Lucent Magique Touch of Light Pen

The bryon liquid in the pen captures light in touch ups to give face a touch of radiance. It vanishes signs of fatigue  erase shadows, dark circles and imperfection. Get a sensorial experience from these pen with a 24 hour hydration


S$22.90 (Available in Fair and Light)



Left to Right: Primer, BB Cream, Touch of Light Pen in Light, Touch of Light Pen in Fair

Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation

Pure Water Flaweless Coverage – 40% Pure water blend for a perfectly flawless, fresh hydrated finish. Sheer-medium coverate to let natural light shine through.

The foundation claims to have a 14 hour hold and provide a 33% more radiance!

The liquid foundation are available in 6 shades.

For shades starting with G, it has a golden undertone.

For shades starting with R, it has a rose / pink undertone.

For shades starting with N, it has a neutral undertone.

Swatches (under yellow light):

Left to Right: G4, G7, R2, N2, N5, N7

Swatches (under white LED light):

Left to Right: G4, G7, R2, N2, N5, N7

Swatches (under yellow light):

Left to Right: G4, G7, R2, N2, N5, N7

Swatches (under white LED light):

Left to Right: G4, G7, R2, N2, N5, N7


S$32.90 at all stores that carry L’Oreal


Can you see the radiance from the model’s skin on the left side? I will be doing an in-depth review on the Lucent Magique line soon!

All the girls!

Thanks to L’Oreal for having me at the event!



Thanks for reading ~


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