Updated: Skincare Routine (Feb 2012)

On February 22, 2012 by Michelle

Hello all!


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I promised some of you guys a post on my updated skincare routine and finally here it is! Please ignore the unsightly graphics as I rushed to put them together today. Examinations for me are coming soon! I should be concentrating on my studies, burying my head in the books, but I had nothing to do while having lunch just now (yes I like to mult-task while eating). Ah excuses, excuses.

Anyway I hope this is useful to all!

Well that’s me bare-faced. You can definitely see redness in my T-zone area and this area is the most sensitive to me. My whole face is pretty dry especially for my cheeks. I tend to be oily in this area on some days too, because my dry skin is producing sebum to “moisturize” my skin. Unfortunately, my pores are huge and there are acne scarring as well if you see my cheeks up close. They are like craters in my skin! Anyway, let me get on to my skincare routine.

My routine is fuss-free, well to me at least. In the morning, as I rush to school, I only spend 5 minutes in cleaning my face, prepping my face and putting on makeup (foundation + blush).

This cleanser that I am using is mainly for makeup removal but I find that it is not effective at all. So instead of just tossing it away, I am using it as my morning cleanser and I am loving it so far! This cleansing milk is really moisturizing and prepped my skin well enough for my foundation. I can feel that my skin is silky smooth every time I wash my face with this.

I have both bottles of Clinique dramatically different moisturizing moisturizer in gel and lotion. The lotion moisturize my skin better and I know many break out from it but somehow my skin loves it, especially the mineral oil in it. Otherwise, the gel would be a better formula as a moisturizer and I use it on days when I feel that my skin is less dry.

On days when I do not wear my foundation, but am still heading out, I made sure I put on my sunscreen! Prevention is the key to sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Reason why I do not wear sunscreen underneath my foundation is because I do not want to pile on too many layers on my skin. However, this sunscreen is good enough to be worn under foundations and not make you greasy. Full review on this sunscreen soon!

Only when it is night, am I more hardworking. No I am not a nocturnal creature, what I meant is that I believe we should focus on our skincare when it is at night because our skincare will be the most effective when we are sleeping. I tried to make sure that I sleep at least 7 hours per day but I do know that I will not have the luxury to when I start work after graduation. Anyway, I believe sleeping is the key to youthful looks!

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Now here comes the complex part. You see I have different routine for different days. On alternate days, I use Routine 1. For days in between, I use Routine 2. But I made sure I only use Routine 2 twice per week.

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As my Routine 2 includes chemical exfoliation of my skin, I made sure I only use the BHA twice per week to prevent my skin from getting too sensitive. Previously, I use this at least 3-4 times per week, which I find a little too harsh for my skin, after using this for almost a year. My skin seems to be less sensitive now, and it still keeps my acne at bay!

On days when I do not use either Routine 1 or 2, I will just use my Clinique antioxidant moisturizer and PC hydrating treatment mask, for the extra moisture on my skin.

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Even since I started using Leaders Clinic masks, I am hooked on them! I am using them at least once per week, or twice when I am not lazy, to give my skin extra moisture!

So here is my skincare routine! I am still on a hunt for new products to improve my skin even more! But at the mean time, I am enjoying these products.




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