Upcoming: Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush, B.B UV White, Masterliner White, Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb Mascara

On February 27, 2012 by Michelle


I just received a press release for upcoming Maybelline items that would be available for purchase in Singapore! Although I was unable to attend the press event, many other bloggers did, so look out for their posts! You can see swatches and perhaps reviews on these items!

What would be new for sale?


Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush

Add a touch of rosy innocence to your cheeks with the revolutionary new Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush. A new jelly texture that is as smooth as cream, and light as powder.

The exclusive bouncy cream formula with a unique solid jelly texture instantly blends in with your cheeks for a light splash of color. It is also lasting and durable; maintain the freshest glow on your face for up to 6 hours. Best of all, Jelly Glow Blush is suited for all skin types.

There would be 4 shades available.

Maybelline B.B UV White

Made for the young, dynamic and multi-tasking woman, this creamy anti-UV formula provides eight unbeatable benefits in one single step. It’s makeup, it’s a sunscreen, it’s skincare– the new Maybelline B.B UV White is the best of all worlds! This new kid on the block combines Maybelline’s well-loved BB cream – the no.1 BB brand in Singapore – with high UV protection while concealing imperfections and hydrating skin.

A new revolution in high sun protection makeup, you will find one of the highest UV protection levels in B.B UV White. After all, this is the first step towards effective anti-ageing and skin brightening. At SPF50/PA+++, users are well guarded from the formation of dark spots, uneven skin tone and lines due to sun exposure.

Plus, contained in the formula is a skin brightening cream which instantly gives a natural fairness with its brightening pigments while working in the background to even out skin tone over time. Be transformed in a matter of seconds with B.B UV White. Just like earlier Maybelline B.B creations, Maybelline B.B UV White contains a multitude of benefits to help the busy woman achieve perfect bare- skin beauty with little effort.

  • High UV Protection (SPF 50, PA+++)
  • Evens skin tone
  • Visibly lightens skin tone
  • Smoothes pores
  • Corrects the appearance of dark spots
  • More hydrated skin
  • Conceals imperfections
  • All day coverage, long lasting


The light and smooth texture means your skin gets to breathe easily. And with two Asian-specific shades (light or natural) that will suit most complexions, finding your perfect Maybelline B.B UV White becomes a breeze.

Maybelline’s Masterliner White

Achieve the characteristic Asian doe-eyed look with Maybelline’s Masterliner White. This affordable, painless and fun eyeliner is a viable alternative to costly cosmetic enhancements, with similar results. The brand’s first white mechanical pencil gives an intense, creamy glide that allows for precision to create the outlined features we know and love.

Maybelline’s Masterliner White is formulated with nylon and waxes that are rich in pigments. This allows for the pencil to be soft and smooth, creating a white line effect for higher contrast and a cleaner under eye. The pencil is also smudge-proof & waterproof.


All-New Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb Waterproof Mascara

  • Exquisitely curved applicator that grabs every lash from root to tip
  • Defined sleek tapered lashes
  • SEVEN times volume!
  • Instant open-eyed effect, and much more!

The Ultra Comb applicator is exquisitely curved to fit well to Asian eyelids. Foolproof and easy to use, the wand grabs each lash from root to tip and combs each strand out for smooth volume from any angle without touching the eyelid. Try it on the lower lashes, and experience the same dramatic difference! Plus, its unique collagen-filled fluid volumises each lash by seven times the volume!

Its unique shape also deposits just the right amount of product in one coat. Clumps are a thing of the past as the Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb Waterproof Mascara builds volume without unwanted bulk. Lifted right from the root, lashes are perfectly separated, with each strand sleek and tapered to a sharp tip.

But volume doesn’t mean added weight! Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb Waterproof Mascara keeps your lashes feeling soft, supple and conditioned all day long.


Price list:

  • Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush (4 different shades): $15.90 from April 2012
  • Maybelline B.B UV White: S$17.90 from March 2012
  • Maybelline Master Liner White: S$11.90 from April 2012
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb Waterproof Mascara: S$19.90 from April 2012

Available in all major demartmental stores, Watsons, Guardians and SaSa.





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