Upcoming: Mac for Chen Man Sneak Peeks with Swatches

On February 16, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


As I was bored while doing my mindmaps for school, I started browsing for new Mac collections. I am still surprised that none of the new Mac collections so far (eg. Vera collecton, Shop Shop Shop / Cook Cook Cook collection and Naturally collection.) has captivated my heart. What happen to the constant chasing of Mac collections years ago? Has Mac really become that boring?

Anyway, here is some information regarding Mac for Chen Man collection that I chanced upon.

Collection will be released in USA in March, probably around that time in Singapore too.

Love this promo picture to the core. The makeup is just gorgeous and of course, the visual around this model is stunning too.

Here are the products for this collection.

None of the products seem to have caught my attention, except for the packaging! Oh well, if only the boxes are for sale right?

Swatches of Force of Love Vivid honeysuckle pink (top lipstick) and Budding Love Pale lavender (middle lipstick). Bottom lipstick is a swatch of Viva Glam by Nikki Minaj:

Photo credit to Babylard from Specktra.net

Okay, the Force of love lipstick is pretty though but I think I have enough lipsticks to last me a lifetime.

And some real actual pictures of the MES:

Photo credit to Richelle83 from specktra.net

Do visit this blog, http://www.lavidaentecnicolor.com/2012/02/05/chen-man-para-mac/, and this ebay listing HERE, for more photos of the products!



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