Tutorial: Switching out your MAC compact powders

On May 5, 2015 by Michelle

Hi all!

It’s already May and before you know it, we are halfway through 2015! This year has some high and lows for me but of course, makeup keeps me happy throughout my journey. This is especially so when you have make up pals that share the same passion with you. We can just discuss about make up non-stop. Shout-out to my pals Joanna, Kimberley and Rusty!

So anyway, as I was saying in my haul post from the Estee Lauder warehouse sale, I love purchasing daily necessity products such as blotting powder or setting powder from Mac and switching the compacts out.


I had this Refined Golden bronzer from the MAC Temperature Rising 2013 collection that I barely use. So why not make the best use of the compact by switching the casing with another item from Mac that I frequently use? Previously, I switched out my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural with the bronzer which I have actually hit pan on as seen below.


Today, I am goingt to show you a tutorial on how to switch out the powder compacts / casing. Not to worry, the steps are really simple and it does not require any fire or burning at all, unlike depotting eyeshadows.


First thing, find you would need to have pwoder compacts, that are of the same size as the compacts that you are switching out in between. You can use this method similary for Mac blushes if you favoured a limited edition blush packaging from Mac. Next, get a pair of tweezers.


Slot your tweezers in between the gap near the clasp of your compact. Once you have found the gap, just twist the tweezer clockwise or anti-clockwise and the whole compact with the metal pan will pop out.


This is how the casing and the pan looks like. What we want to switch out would be the inner compartment with the metal pan (product).


Repeat the same steps for the new powder compact that you would like to have your product in your limited editiona casing.


Now all you have to do is the place the inner compartment on the outing casing and press it hard. The whole inner compartment would fit in just like a jigsaw puzzle. Make sure you hear the “clip” sound to ensure that the inner compartment is secured back into the outing casing.


Do the same for both compacts.


And there you have it! A new powder in your favourite MAC casing. It’s all about dismantling the casing and fixing back all the bits together like a jigsaw puzzle.


I hope that this tutorial is useful to you!



Thanks for reading ~


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