Transdesgin haul + NOTD

On May 27, 2010 by Michelle

This is my first haul post of the week and there are many parts to come! Probably 8-9 more? 😛 I hauled lots whenever I am stressed and these items were bought mostly during my examination period early this month. To relieve stress, I either eat like a glutton (LOTS AND LOTS OF JUNK FOOD) or I spend a lot. Which one to choose? Of course spending since I dont want to gain any weight.

I joined Gwen’s transdesign spree since the e-retailers are liquidating their OPI stocks! OPI will sue them if they continue to sell their products online. What a bad move! Their business will shrink for sure. Nevertheless, its funny how transdesign is still updating their stock with new opi collection, haha. Anyway, now is a good time and a perfect excuse to buy more OPI polishes. I picked these up from Gwen a few weeks ago 🙂

We have here Funkey Dunkey, My private jet, Baguette me not, Hopelessly in love. Have been trying to get my hands on a baby pink polish since 90% of my collection are dark colours. My private jet was recommended to me too. So far I have only tried Funkey Dunkey 😛

 Now my box that stores my polishes is overflowing! I need a new box to store my polishes.

Here is a swatch of Funkey Dunkey. I agree with Sophia and Kim, the colour is so hard to capture!

Oh did I mention that Gwen is holding another transdesign spree! I feel like getting this:

OPI Suede! Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
Yes, its another dark coloured nail polish but I love greens! Espeically forest greens or jades. Thats why I am in love with Jade is the new black! Have been using it non-stop eversince I had it. Its on my toes right now (: Should I pick up another Jade is the new black as my backup? Will it hardens if I keep it in storage for more than a year?

Well even though Im on a makeup ban, nail polishes arent considered makeup right? 😛


Thanks for reading ~

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