Spotted: Candydoll cosmetics at Watsons

On October 10, 2011 by Michelle

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Verlyn posted a post on spotting Candydoll cosmetics at Watsons HERE, so I went to check them out myself. She mentioned that only lip products and loose powder were available at the Watsons she visited but when I went to the Watsons at Marina Square on Saturday, I spotted Candydoll blushes as well!

I was searching high and low for the price tag but I was in vain. I would estimate the blushers to be around $25?

Watsons only displayed this blush for people to try. They should have showcased all the shades so that we have a better gauge of the colour in the pot. Luckily I am eyeing this candydoll orange shade! Swatches here:

I’m loving this shade but didnt purchase this as I was unsure of the price. If you know the price, please let me know! I have an urge to pick this blush up because this is a gorgeous orange blush. Pigmentation is good.

The Candydoll loose powder was on display as well and I have heard raves about this a year back or so. This is pretty finely milled for a drugstore loose powder. One thing I hate about this though is the glitter. If you were to refer to the photo on the right, you would see white specks on the filter. That’s right, those are glitter bits. Perhaps this is good for as a highlighter?

Here they have a seperate display for the lip products, carrying their famous lipglosses and lipsticks, which are often featured in Japanese magazines such as Popteen.

Again, Watsons only had one shade displayed. Watsons did not bring in the other Candydoll bases (click HERE for the post) as well such as their foundations etc. Pity. Well, at least this shows that Watsons is bringing in more products that many Japanese makeup fans would like. Perhaps the next brand is Mellish?



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