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On June 15, 2010 by Michelle

I managed to burn a bigger hole in my pocket a few months back when I order this from my spree organizer. I joined her target, transdesign, and elf spree. I definitely do not need these but I wanted them so much! Hehe. 

I eventually bought myself the Sonia kashuk sponge since I threw my Beauty blender. Instead of blue, the sponge I received is purple. Im cool with that since I love purple too. And it totally matches my nails (OPI funkey dunkey):

This sponge was supposedly a dupe for the beauty blender but in my opinion, I disagree. This is stiff and hard to control. The texture of it is definitley different from the beauty blender (review of BB here). Even though this sponge is much cheaper than the beauty blender, its still expensive and not worthy of trying. Since i wont be using this often, I wont be doing a review on this. To be honest, I have barely touch this and have only used this once. Ok, enough of attacking this sponge, at least its purple (: This mini review is just my opinion on it. Others may like it but we are all different.


This is my first elf studio brush.  I use it to set my foundation with mac msf natural. Works great. It may not be the softest brush ever, but I cant complain about it for its price(USD3).

This is one collection I was excited about! Essie resort collection 2010! From left to right: Splash of Grenadine, Playa del platinum, Turquoise & Caicos, Lapis of Luxury. These are the mini sized polishes by the way. They are so tiny and cute. Turquoise & Caicos is the only colour I have tried so far. I love the colour but was surprised that it goes on very sheer for one layer. In the end, I had to apply 3 coats to achieve the exact colour it is in the bottle. Being lazy, I hate applying so many coats but since its a lovely colour, Im willing to sacrifice my time. lol.


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