Small haul : Mac Vain & Glorious lip set & YSL rouge pure shine lipstick

On November 19, 2010 by Michelle

This is just a small haul, a haul that was not meant to happen.

As most of you know, Mac released their holiday collection called Tales of Tartan. I was so proud of myself for not getting anything from that collection until I made a mistake. I ended up having an extra order of Mac Vain & Glorious lip set from my spree. Out of curiousity, I opened the box to check out the lip products that are in the kit which, you would have guessed correctly, caught my eye. Now, the lipstick and dazzleglass are mine.

In the kit, there is Baby Sparks dazzleglass and Mellow Mood lipstick. The lipstick is a little bit darker that what I would have liked but I can always lighten it up with a nude lipgloss such as Nars striptease or Mac C-thru lipglass.

This is my first dazzleglass. All these while, I thought I would hate dazzleglasses because of the shimmers/glitters but I was wrong. The shimmers are not very significant on my lips. And I like that the shimmers are blue in colour which my camera failed to capture.

Swatches of Baby sparks and Mellow mood. The lip product are roughly SGD14 each so I thought why not keep them for myself? :X

As for the bag and the lip liner, they are not mine as I was only interested in the lipstick and dazzleglasss (:

Just a week back, I received the YSL rouge pure shine lipstick from Sophia as she was having a blog sale. I wanted to grab the MAC lipsticks as they were only for $5/6 but I was too late. Anyway, I am glad to get my hands on a YSL lipstick for $10! The shade that I have is Rose Sorbet 28.

This retailed for $39 when YSL was still available at tangs. Hence, great deals are not to be missed, despite the growing number of pink lipsticks I have in my collection :/ Yes, I am aware that I only have a pair of lips. But, let me show you that the pink lipsticks I have are very different from one another:

Swatch of Rose Sorbet is the 2nd from the right. I might be doing a post on the lip swatches of all my recent lip product purchases soon 🙂


Thanks for reading ~


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