Slowly going Vegan + Food Review: The Unbakery in Auckland

On January 19, 2014 by Michelle

Hey all!


Recently, I am transitioning my diet to a healthier and vegan approach. Reason why I decided to head for this change is mainly due to my skin consultation with Aunt Rita from Beauti Instinct. Reviews of my skin treatments to be up a few months later as I really want to test out the treatments and observe the changes that my skin will be undergoing. Rest assured, my reviews then would be honest because these skin treatments are paid for, right out of my own pockets.

Anyway, back to the topic, Aunt Rita said that the reason why my skin has been so sensitive is mostly contributed to my diet. The key culprit is actually my blood type. As I am a blood type A, my diet should consist mostly of vegetables, grains and soy food. Meat is a big no-no. I should probably write a  separate post on this blood type diet or else this post would be lengthy. There are many benefits of blood type diet and I will explain more in another post.


Going vegan is definitely difficult as I am was a self-proclaimed meat lover. Beef was my kryptonite. It was challenging at first, having to cut off all the meat from my meals. The only meats I take now are chicken, turkey and certain types of fish. To get my source of proteins, I turn to beans, mostly soya beans. Let’s hope I can sustain this diet for the long term! To be honest, I wouldn’t say that I would be going vegan complete due to the consumption of chicken and fish. I guess I would say I am a half-vegan? Going completely vegan definitely requires a lot of determination.


Have I mentioned that diary is considered a “toxic” for blood type a? I was pretty devastated to hear that we cannot consume any milk or cheese. CHEESE! My favourite comfort food. Well, I guess my new year’s resolution is to refrain from eating anything “toxic” for me and perhaps to go complete vegan? I shall work towards my goal!

the unbakery

Speaking of vegan, I had one of my favourite meals during my trip to Auckland and the restaurant happens to serve vegan food! Located in Ponsonby, a hip place in Auckland (very much like Haji Lane in Singapore), this restaurant “serves a range of delicious breakfast items, lunch dishes from 11am, along with smoothies, teas, teeccino (herbal coffee, seriously good), Kokako cold brew coffee, cakes, tarts, slices, cheesecakes and cookies from the cabinet all day.” – taken from their website.

The whole cafe was crowded on the Saturday we have visited, showing how popular this cafe among the Kiwi community. In fact, the whole cafe scene is very vibrant in the are of Ponsonby.

My friend ordered a vegan “eggs benedict” with Portabello mushroom.

And I ordered a rice / salad bowl with lots of fresh greens and grains!

I totally recommend this bowl with quinoa, kale, beets, half of a alvocado and more. This dish totally fits the diet I am aiming to achieve, which is to consume more raw and vegan food. Little bird’s new unbakery is even awarded as the runner up best cafe in Auckland by Metro top 50 Cafes! If you were to drop by Ponsonby or were planning to travel to Auckland, do consider visiting this cafe!


The Unbakery

Located at 385, New North Road, Kingsland. & 1a Summer Street, Ponsonby.



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