Shiok Maki: Koh Sushi & Grill at Wisma Atria Orchard

On April 14, 2015 by Michelle

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One of my few favourite Japanese Restaurants to go to is Koh Sushi & Grill at Wisma Atria Orchard. The star dish of their restaurant has to be their Shiok Maki sushi rolls. Famed for it’s “Shiok Maki” and reasonably priced sushi is the main reason why there’s always a long queue.

Shiok Maki $16.80+

It is a maki made up of avocado, unagi and aburi salmon. The tobiko (roe) on top of the mayonnaise is too pleasing to the eye. The Aburi Salmon being enveloped by the yellow mayonnaise sauce makes each bite of the maki super delicious! The different tones of the flavours explodes in your mouth. The combination of taste and texture was god-sent!

I had a hard time not to salivate in front of my computer! This was so good that I had to bring my parents, boyfriend and multiple friends to try this Shiok Maki!

Since it is too sinful to have two rolls of Shiok Maki to myself. I usually order other dishes to pair with their maki most of the time. For this post, I would be talking about their sushis and sashimis. Their sashimi are cut to thick slices and they melt in your mouth. Their slices are fresh and cold enough for you to still taste the sweetness in the sashimi slices. I hate it when some restaurants serve slices that are so cold that I barely taste anything from the sashimi slices. Please let me know if you share the same woes as me as well.

Despite the food being taken quite some time to be served, the quality of their sushi never fails to disappoint. Koh Grill & Sushi bar does not charge 10% Service charge, but they do charge 7% GST on top of their prices listed in the menu. I always come back for more and there is really no reason why there won’t be any repeat customers. For reservations, you can just sms them at 9180 3805 to avoid having to wait in their snaking queue.

Koh’s Grill and Sushi Bar
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
435 Orchard Road



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