Sephora October Sale Haul

On October 24, 2018 by Michelle

Hi all!


Sephora 20% off sale was on not long ago in October (the last one was in April), and I took the opportunity to stock up some of my essentials, my favourites and my wishlist items.

The first thing I knew that I wanted to re-purchase was the Herbivore rose hibiscus coconut water face mist.

You can read my previous review HERE.

Within the span of 1.5 months, I had finished my 60ml bottle, hence it made sense to purchase a 120ml bottle. The 60ml bottle is a good size to carry along wherever I go so that I can spritz this on my face to keep myself refreshed. This face mist also acts as my toner in the morning right after I cleansed my face. A multi-functional product worth re-purchasing.

One thing I noticed was how the face mist become less pink over the course of use. Weird, perhaps it was the fading of colour of the extract – Neer Sikkappu Red in the ingredients.

Another good ol’ product back in my days of exploring makeup was MAC cosmetics minieralize skin finish. It was one of my favourites during the days where my friends and I went crazy & addicted with all the MAC cosmetics collections. It was those days where social media just picked up its speed.

The last time I owned this product was before this new packaging was used where the lid was clear so that the product can be seen from outside. I wonder how long ago was that, and this is making me feel so nostalgic. That being said, I do like the idea of this new packaging where there is not more clasp and the case has a magnetic closure. Sleek! The mirror comes in handy as well.

While we are at the topic of MAC, after so many years, I finally succumbed to purchasing the MAC Fix+, given how I loved my Herbivore face mist. I had the idea of using this before applying my foundation and after, to set all my makeup. Let’s hope this product lives up to its rave.

Dry shampoo saves the day for this humid weather of Singapore. This IGK first class shampoo works in removing the grease and making my hair looks fresh and poofed up, rather than flat. Even though this is my first time owning the product, my one time trial at Sephora knocks my socks off and obviously, I had to purchase this during the sale.

Last but not the least, I have this new Fenty Beauty product launched a week before the Sephora sale. This Stunna lip paint in Unbutton calls out to me as I do not really have a nude shade in my collection of liquid lipsticks. Most of my shades that I owe are coral or mauve pink. Whether it is an excuse to shop more, I stand by my purchase as I have heard nothing but reviews for this Lip paint from Fenty Beauty.

What did you get for your Sephora Haul?



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