Event: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Bloggers’ Event

On July 8, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


Introducing to you Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour series from Sally Hansen!
Experience exceptional dazzling Diamond strength, shine and wear!

Of course, there are no real diamonds inside these polishes.

These nail polishes are infused with an exclusive micro-diamond formula, platinum and aluminum, every coat ensures Diamond strength protection for up to 10 days. Woes of color chipping and fading are now a thing of the past!

I was invited to a blogger event by Sally Hansen a few weeks back…it was a fun event and there was a workshop plus a mini contest!

Some Sally Hansen tools for the workshop.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour

The host first started off with the different nail shape for different fingers.

Do you know that square nails looks better on skinner fingers than full meaty fingers?

We were taught how to use a filer and filling out nails to our desired shape.

The correct way to hold a filer is to have the filer above the middle finger, being supported by the index and ring finger (above the filer).

Next, we were briefed on how to use Sally Hansen gel cuticle remover  to remove the dead skin around the nails.

Squirt some of the gel on our cuticles around our nail bed, and it is advisable not to leave the gel on for more than 5 minutes as this is some powerful stuff! I can feel some tingling sensation on my nails. It could be alchohol but I doubt so.

Next using the stick, go in a circular motion around the nail bed to remove all the cuticles.

For healthy nails and cuticle, a cuticle oil is advised. Phew, nail care isn’t easy! It is as tedious as skincare!

Notice how one stroke is slimmer than the other? The correct way to use the nail polish brush is to swirl it against the neck of the nail polish bottle before direclty applying the polish on our nails. This ensure that excess nail polishes flows back to the bottle instead of lingering on the brush, causing the application to be thick and gooey.

Do you also know that polishes can be layered on top of one another?

My favourite is this nail polish! It is the only duo-chrome in this Sally Hansen Diamond Strength collection.

The next acitivity is the competition! We are to create the best looking nail art! Well, I wasn’t planning to win, so I just try to have fun and tried out a gazillion nail art “tricks” on just one nail. Ambitious much?

Ombre, French Tip and Leopard Prints in one! LOL.

And yes, I did some art on the paper, or more like spilling some nail polishes.

The winner is not me but I had fun! I don’t have much time these few days playing with nail art. The last nail art I did was eons ago!

Love the candy bar at the event!

Some pictures taken with a few fellow bloggers! I saw many others I recognize at the event too! And I finally met Mabel and Evonne!


Swatches to be up in the next post!


Thanks for reading ~


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