Review + Swatches: The Body Shop Leona Lewis Limited Edition

On April 21, 2013 by Michelle

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The EU Ban on animal testing was just implemented last 11 March. This is after The Body Shop 20 years of campaigning with NGO partner Cruelty-free International. This means that any new products that is imported or made in Europe are not supposed to have even the ingredients tested on animals.

Hence, it was timely that we got Leona Lewis on board as our brand activist. As a vegetarian and animal activist, she’s the perfect fit with the brand. As part of her collaboration with The Body Shop, she has created a limited edition range for the brand.

Not only are the makeup cruelt free, TBS makeup palettes do not contain any bug shell extract to colour the product, any shimmer effect is made from mineral mica and the binding agents are made from natural vegetable materials instead of crushed shellfish. Because their love for animals includes bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies.

As you can see from the beautifully designed packaging from Leona Lewis, you can tell the sincere love for nature from the outline of the deer which is made up of plants and insects.

Let’s talk about the colours, shall we?

Shiny lips are a big trend this spring, so Lip Gloss was a must-have. I chose four fresh, sheer shades with shimmer-free finishes. The intense colours don’t contain bug shells – they contain natural pigments instead.

Lip Gloss $18.90



Left to Right: Deerlicious petal, Deelicious Fushchia

Top to bottom:  Bare lips, Deerlicious petal, Deelicious Fushchia

The Deerlicious fushcia is surprisingly pigmented. If i were to apply a few coats of this, this would give a colour even more intensity. Deerlicious petal is however sheer and only provided a gloss or shine to your lips. And please pardon my dry lips.

This super-soft brush is tailor made for the Shimmer Palette in the collection is brilliant for sculpting, blending and dusting. The brush uses super-soft, man-made hair instead of animal hair.

Blusher Brush $32.90


Shimmer Palettes complement all skin tones and are great for highlighting and contouring. I chose a pretty Blush and a sun-kissed Bronze. The pearlescent shimmer uses natural mineral mica instead of crushed shellfish to give it some subtle sparkle.

Left to right: Oh Deer! Bronze, Oh Deer! Blush

Shimmer Palettes $39.90


This bronzer is best for those with tanner undertones. For fair girls like me, this might end up a little orange with a heavy hand.

I have to say this blush is stunning. This blush can easily doubles up as your highlighter. In my opinion this complements fair to medium skin tones the best but for those with tanner complexions, this can serve as highlighter as well!

In the entire collection, my most recommended products are the blush brush, lipgloss in Deerlicious Fuschia and the shimmer palette in Oh Deer! Blush!

The collection is available from 18th April onwards.



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