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On August 5, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


I was recently given this set of sonic cleanse system by to try out this gadget.

Sonic Cleanse Skin Care System (

The Sonic Cleanse Skincare System utilizes the power of sonic technology (at vibrations of more than 300 oscillations per second) to provide gentle cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and toning in order to reveal fresh and radiant skin. With 4 different attachments included in the package, user will experience deeper and better cleansing, more exfoliation, more product absorption and toning for wrinkles. The back and forth oscillating motion effectively cleanses, clarifies and stimulates the skin. Unlike devices that use rotary technology, the Sonic Cleanse Skincare System does not pull and tug on the skin causing irritation, and allows for a much deeper cleansing, exfoliation and penetration of serums and moisturizers. Sonic Cleanse also works on batteries (2 AA batteries) so you won’t have to worry about the power running out and the unit totally unusable in the shower until you recharge it again.

  • 2x better cleansing
  • 8x more exfoliation
  • 6x more make up removal
  • 50% more absorption
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Fast & noticeable results
  • Portable & waterproof
  • No charging required

Additional tools it comes with:

What you will receive:

Tadah! All ready for use!

How to use

  • Remove any eye makeup, if any, by hand before using this device. It is not designed to remove eye make up.
  • Wet your skin with warm water
  • Run warm water on the bristles of the brush head
  • Apply your cleanser to brush head
  • Turn it on and gently apply the brush to your skin. Beginning with your forehead, gently move it using a small circular motion. For sensitive skin, it is better to use the sensitive brush (transparent bristles).

When using brush attachment, hold the brush head squarely to your skin. This will allow the outer bristles of the brush to keep any mist caused by water and skin care products to be held against your skin. This system is great not only for your facial cleansing routines but also for your arms, hands, shoulders, chest, back and legs.

After cleansing, attach the Sponge Applicator to the unit and then apply your moisturizer to your skin using small, circular motions to improve your skin’s absorption of your moisturizer to the applicator.

Turn on the unit and gently press the applicator to your skin. Liberally, but gingerly, apply your moisturizer to your skin using small, circular motions to improve your skin’s absorption of your moisturizer. The Sponge Applicator can also be used as an Exfoliation Applicator. Apply your exfoliating cleanser on the applicator and gently cleanse the skin in small, circular motions.

In addition to giving your skin a deep cleanse like never before, you can also relax your facial muscle tension with our specially designed wrinkle reducer. Attach the wrinkle reducer attachment to your unit, turn it on and press the massaging surface to the problem areas such as fine lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines, etc.

Roughly, it takes 10 seconds on each cheek, 20 seconds on forehead and 20 seconds on nose and chin area for each function.


After each usage, all used applicators need to be cleaned.

Clean used applicators with warm water. Rinse thoroughly, squeezing out any excess water. Allow applicators to air-dry overnight, standing upright.

Handle: Handle is recommended to be cleaned once a week to remove any residue buildup. Rinse with warm, soapy water and dry.

Brush applicator: Brush applicator should be replaced every 90 days. Brushes become exhausted or less effective after continual usage.

Sponge: Sponge applicator should be replaced every 30-60 days. Sponge will change color or be deformed.

Having used Clarisonic Mia (my review HERE) for 2 years now, I tend to be a bit biased with doing this review for sonic cleanse. This sonic cleanse would have to be a cheaper dupe in my opinion, but it is definitely not up to par with Clarisnoic mia. The plastic used for this is of a different quality and with more gaps for the sonic cleanse, I can imagine more dirt being trapped inside these gaps.

The head however, I am pretty impressed. The changing of the brush heads is very easy and smooth.

Changing of the brush heads should be a brisk. What I also love is that, there are 2 brushes, one sponge and a wrinkle reducer being included in the whole set! The brush head you can definitely alternate, depending on whether you want the normal brush or the brush meant for sensitive skin. To me, the sensitive skin feels finer and softer on the skin.

To be honest, using the sponge applicator to apply your skincare is a pretty cool idea. However, the moisturizers or serums are easily absorbed into the sponge which defeats the purpose of applying skincare to your skin. The wrinkle reducer head, I didn’t use much reason being I have no wrinkles yet.

One plus point about this sonic cleanse is that it does not require any charger! You can use replace the AA batteries when they run out. No need to find a plug to recharge this tool. On the other hand, this whole brush set is not entirely waterproof with the battery slot, unlike the Clarisonic Mia where you can use it in the shower.

We just have to make sure not to drop this brush set into a pool of water!


Overall review:

Everything seems to work the same as Clarisonic Mia, with perhaps some additional functions such as the skincare applicator and wrinkle reducer which I find not very useful. Let me focus more about the brush heads which I believe what most of you are interested in. The normal brush head for this system is too harsh. The sensitive brush head is much better but still can be a little too rough on thin skin like mine. The vibration of this sonic cleanse can be a little irritating. I can feel the buzzing of the brush head throughout the whole process and the vibrations are pretty intense such that I cannot go more than a minute cleaning my face. For my Clarisonic Mia, I do not feel the actual vibrations of the brush head at all! Because of this intense vibrations the sonic cleanse gives off, I don’t really feel this tool is for me. In addition, I feel that my skin is not entirely clean after using the sonic cleanse, Usually with the Mia, I can still see some makeup residue on my brush. With the sonic cleanse, I see not residue at all. If you are on a budget, you may consider trying this for $98, which is more than half of the price of the Clarisonic Mia. I won’t say that this is great, but it is a cheaper alternative.



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