Review: Sexy Look Rejuvenating Duo Lifing Mask

On November 2, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all,

Recently I was sponsored the Rejuvenating Duo Lifing Mask by Sexy Look to give it a try and write a review.

“Bird’s nest with collagen added t mask, giving the skin double moisture to keep skin supple, elastic and shiny with moisture factor. This 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fights against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth cheek and eye areas.”

“Caviar contains a high concentration of caviar extract, rich in nutrition can delay aging, to repair damaged skin, firm sagging skin, enjoy the aristocratic lady of the top skin care effect.”

How to use:

  1. Fit he mask onto your face.
  2. Pull the hook at the two sides to your ear.
  3. Pull the hook at the chin up to your ear.
  4. You can massage your face while waiting for your mask for 15-20 minute to maximize absorption.

Each box comes in 5 packs.

I was definitely interested to try the mask, with all the ear hooks for the lifting effect. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Perhaps I do not follow the instructions well, or this is just a mask not meant for me.

The ear hooks just don’t work on me. Could it be that my face is too wide? I don’t find the sheet that stretchable either. In the end, the ear hooks were not being made use of.

In addition, the chin portion of the mask, albeit a great idea for lifting of our skin, did not work for me either. The flap just will not adhere to my skin and keeps dropping down. I feel that the mask is not “wet” enough for it to stick to my skin.

After using the mask for 20 minutes or so, my skin does not feel that refreshed. When it comes to a moisturizing face sheet mask, my skin is very picky since it gets dehydrated easily. Hence, my review for this mask is that it is not hydrating enough for me. Overall, I would not purchase this but I must commend that the concept is creative and if only the ear hooks fits, I might like this better.



Thanks for reading ~

(Photos taken by Iphone5)


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