Review: Sephora atomic volume + lash plumper waterproof

On August 13, 2010 by Michelle

Since mascaras only have a lifespan of 3-6 months, I set an aim to use only 2 mascaras (1 regular & 1 waterproof) at a time until their expiration date. These Sephora mascaras were purchased when there was a Sephora sale back in March. It has been 5 months already. My mascaras are getting dried up / clumpy and there is not much left. I felt so satisfied to almost finishing these. Remember my failed project 10 pan? Haha, seems like I have made an improvement!

Top: Sephora Lash plumper waterproof
Bottom: Sephora atomic volume ultra black

Both of them retail for approximately $24? Had these been only $6 (which was the price I had gotten them for), I would definitely repurchase the Sephora atomic volume ultra black. I use both mascaras together not because I am in a hurry to finish them, but because they smudge when used alone. Surprisingly, they won’t budge when used together. I have a fear for having racoon eyes which I always end up with (bad luck!) occasionally.

Top: Sephora Lash plumper waterproof
Bottom: Sephora atomic volume ultra black

Despite the brush of the atomic volume mascara being scarier looking than the lash plumper mascara, the latter does not coat the lashes as well as the other. The atomic volume does what it says. It gives lots of volume but it has a tendency to clump. As for the lash plumper, it gives very natural looking lashes only because it does not volumize, nor does it lengthen, just giving the lashes a little definition. Do not be tricked by the name as it definitely does not plump up your lashes. As such, in comparison, the Sephora  volume is a much better mascara for whatever they are made to do.


I have only applied these 2 mascaras on the outer half of the lashes for comparison. First coat was the Sephora atomic volume mascara and the second was the Sephora Lash plumper mascara. The effect it gave me was almost similar to Covergirl lash blast whcih also gives a lot of volume. Unfortunately, I no longer have the Covergirl lash blast for side by side comparisons.

Would I repurchase them again? No, unless they are on sale. I am sure there are mascaras out there that do a better job (:

Just for fun, I took a photo of my very loved eyelash curler. This is from Jill Stuart eyelash and the reason I got this was because I was influenced so much by some japanese blogs back then when I first started makeup that I decided to get it. This is not cheap but I think it is well worth it. It fits my eye shape perfectly. And despite not being a big fan of pink, I do find this pink eyelash curler cute! 

I think it is okay to invest in an eyelash curler since they can be used for a long term. Right now, my itchy hands feel like buying the Chanel eyelash curler but sadly, I only have a pair of eyes. Oh wait, I actually have four eyes (??) since I wear spectacles. Just kidding 😛


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