Review: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Liner (Picture Heavy)

On January 16, 2012 by Michelle



As promised, here is the review of Physicians Formula  Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Liner!

Described by Physicans Formula:

“Unique gel cream formula glides-on effortlessly and smoothly while providing the definition of a liquid eyeliner. Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant formula provides 24-Hour definition. Includes Pro-Eyeliner Brush for effortless and precise application. Stackable eyeliner pots can be pulled apart for individual use on-the-go.
Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist Approved. Fragrance Free. Paraben Free. Safe for Sensitive Eyes and Contact Lens Wearers.”

This retails at $10.99 at but usually they have the BOGO promotion. Thus, it only add up to $2.75 per cube/colour!

I like how we are able to detach each cube from the stack and arrange the different colours together, like a Lego toy. The cube itself is also very small which makes it handy to carry around in your purse for touch ups. The brush provided which I failed to take a photo of is very small and portable as well. The brush is in fact not that bad, and I am actually using the brush provided to apply the gel liner. The only con for the brush is that it can be a little too stiff and pricky.

As explained in my haul HERE, I wanted to get the custom eye gel liner meant for green and hazels eyes instead of brown as I would be able to have all 6 different colours at one go. Here is why. In these two stack of gel liners, I would get:

2 black gel liners with green and blue shimmers respectively.

Green, Purple, Blue and Brown.

6 different colours, with just 2 stack – 2 products! I like to stack them according to their colours. One would be the wearable stack with the brown and blacks and the other stack consists of the more daring shades.


The playful colours like green and purple are less consistent and a little patchy. They would need a few layers for the colours to pop. In fact, even for the other shades like black or brown, 2-3 more dips of the brush into the gel liner would be required to reach the full intensity of the colour. That’s the con I am complaining about. But with just a few layers, the colours would definitely be vivid and they would pop!

You can see the shimmers in the black gel liner. Even the green eyeliner has minimal green shimmers.

I love the brown the most! That is because under intense lighting, you would be able to detect the metallic in the gel eyeliner. The brown eyeliner is definitely not flat at all and could even be more of a bronzey-brown.

Now, here is the waterproof and the smudging test!:

When the eyeliner are dry, I don’t find them smudging at all! That is excellent! Just to note, I did not wear any eye base while wearing these liners. However, my lids are not that oily.

Here, I decided to see if they stay on well while they are wet.

Smudging across the eyeliners with my index finger.

They score fairly well, given the fact that they are gel liners. I suppose as long as you don’t cry / get caught in a downpour / rub them when they are wet, these would stay well on your lids. But when they are dry, they do not budge at all and dry down fairly fast upon applying them.

Now you can see the shimmers much better in the above picture!

I find them 80% waterproof and 99% smudgeproof. Removal wise, these wont go away with just plain water, and with any regular makeup remover (oil based preferred), these can be removed easily!

How long lasting is this?

They were solid throughout. I did not find any flaking of the gel liners at all for this liner.  tried wearing them from 7am till 10pm and there was no smudging at all as I did not get them wet or rubbed them harshly in any way. In fact, it was my favourite mascara (Heroine Kiss Me Volumizing Mascara)  that smudged a little on me instead at the end of the day.

If I were to rate them, I would give them a score of 9/10!

Will I repurchase them again? Yes ~




Thanks for reading ~

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