Review: Liese Bubble Hair Dye

On January 22, 2011 by Michelle


I just realised I have 12 more followers to reach 400 followers! I am sincerely honoured. In fact, I have already prepared for the next giveaway! I am so excited myself even though I am not the one keeping the prize. The prize is for one of the lucky followers! Just a hint, the prize is from one of my favourite brands! Guess what it is?

Anyway, if you have been following my twitter, I dyed my hair a few days back using my Liese Bubble Hair dye in Cassis Berry (SGD17.90~19.90). I personally like brown with red undertones and hence, this colour is perfect for this category. My last experience with colouring my hair has left me scarred as I had a serious chemical burn from the hair dye, resulting in my scalp producing yellow liquid and scabs. As such, my hunt for an appropriate DIY hair dye is more demanding. I was eventually led to Liese Hair Bubble dye. As this dye has a new concept of having a dye foam, I was intrigued to try it. Moreover, since the dye is in the form of foam, this is less harsh on the scalp as the scalp is exposed to less chemical.

Firstly, let me show some pictures:

Wearing the gloves provided, in preparation for a surgery. There will be blood and gore…Kidding!

Marshmallow anyone?

This is the video I watch for instructions.


So how did the hair dye fair on me, with a sensitive scalp condition?


  • No strong ammonia smell
  • Less harsh as other DIY hair dyes
  • Easy to DIY without any help of others (I did this process alone.)
  • No mess, no drips
  • Covers evenly, on unbleached hair
  • Wide range of colours to choose from
  • Relatively less drying as compared to other DIY dyes



  • Still not gentle enough for sensitive scalp (My scalp is flaking now.)
  • Causes unevenness on bleached hair or highlights
  • Does not foam as much as shown in the commercial


End result:

Under direct sunlight.



As you can see, this bubble dye did not dye my hair evenly. It was perhaps because my hair was bleached before. As a result, my highlights “absorbed” more of the berry red dye hence causing my highlights to be even more outstanding. The dye for the rest of my hair was not very obvious, unless I stand right under a lamp or sunlight.

I would call this dye process pretty much a failure. It seems like I have no luck with colouring my hair. Better luck next time perhaps?



Thanks for reading ~

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