Review: Leaders Clinic IPL Whitelux and Collagen Infusion masks

On August 27, 2011 by Michelle



Today, I am writing a review on these two Leaders Clinic masks sent by Serenity Allure for a review. Before you go thinking about “Oh, just another sponsored skincare review post.”, please hear me out. If you had read my blog, you would have known that my skin is very strict with what I use. Any products that are too harsh, my skin will react badly. Any products with alcohol, my skin will thrown a tantrum. I have a very picky skin so having my skin falling in love with a product is one in a million. Hence, if you find me raving about a product, I really do mean it and it means that this product is really gentle for my skin and effective. Hence, I hope that any reviews in the future regarding skincare would be useful for judging if the products are gentle for sensitive skin. However, please be aware that all our skin are different so our skin react differently.

Leaders Clinic is developed by top clinical expers in Korea. As a leading clinical skincare brand in Koea, it sells over 500,000 Clinie masks in Korea monthly and now these masks are within our reach here in Singapore.

Unique selling points of the masks:

  • Effective aesthetic care for skin based on dermatological treatment principles
  • Ultra thin skin cellulose material which fits onto the face like second skin, enabling efficient absorption of essential ingredients
  • Two range: ampoule mask contains equivalent of one ampoule content while essential mask contains highly concentrated essence
  • Generally suitable for sensitive skin as well, though individual skin condition varies


Collagen Infusion Essential Mask


I.P.L Whitelux Ampoule Mask



Directions for use:


My reviews:

I seldom use facial sheet masks but I think I would make it a weekly habit / indulgence for my face from now on after using these masks. It is nice to pamper your skin once in a while.

These two masks are the two of the many others by Leaders Clinic. CLICK HERE for more info. Among all the masks, I think these two are the most suitable for me, for my skin. One is moisturizing and the other helps in brightening the skin.

First off, I would like to praise about the quality of the sheet mask. The masks fits comfortably on my skin like a glove and there is just the right amount of essence in the masks that does not causes any dripping of the masks all over while they are on the face.

The essence used in the mask is definitely very soothing, despite the mask not being refrigerated before use nor was the masks kept in an air conditioned room. Somehow, there is this refreshing feeling from the mask and it is definitely not due to the works of alcohol as it was not present in the ingredients list.

Speaking of ingredients, just to point something out, I had always thought that Propylene Glycol was an irritant in the beginning but I was wrong upon researching. It is in fact a slipping agent used in cosmetics at a small amount to keep products from melting in high heat or freezing when it is cold. It does not pose  a health risk to consumers, as it is used in the smallest concentration in cosmetic products. Butylene Glycol may cause minimal to mild skin irritation but no evidence of sensitization. Even though glycols are a class of alcohols that contain two hydroxyl groups which are also called a diols, as long as the product does not contain any actual alcohol, my face would be fairly safe.

Back to the masks, I am no chemist but I do check up on ingredients used in the products from time to time and even though there is a minute possibility that these masks would be irritiating to my skin, I am glad to say that i have experienced none so far. in fact, my skin is loving the masks! My skin is moisturized especially with the collagen infusion mask. My skin is bouncy and my pores are less visible after masking. I would have to emphasize on the word, refreshed!

The fragrance in the mask is something my skin can tolerate so I am really glad these mask are suitable for my skin. For those with sensitive skin, you can give these masks to try but please be aware if you are extremely allergic to parfum. I hope that these masks work well for you as much as they do for me.


How much and where can you find them?

$4.95/pc at Guardian and range from $49.95 per box of 10 at Sephora.



Thanks for reading ~

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