Review: JuJu Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Essence

On April 5, 2011 by Michelle

Hey hey,


I just had my wisdom teeth extraction done yesterday as it was hurting a lot. The dentist said that luckily I didn’t delay the extraction or else the consequences would be worse. Anyway, now I am looking like a hamster, chipmunk, squirrel etc. Thank goodness for the working painkiller or else I would be in pain. I am super paranoid about extracting my teeth as my last extraction done 8 years ago was a nightmare. Basically my extraction site just wouldn’t heal up as the blood clot was dislodged. Hence, I bled for more than a day to a point when I fainted due to the excessive loss of blood. Yup, so that is my little story before this review. Sorry for the digression.

Today I would be reviewing the JuJu Aquamoist essence that I purchased from Hong Kong in my haul HERE. So far, I am on a hunt for an anti-aging product but since I am in my early 20s, I do not need products with anti-wrinkle properties. Moisturizing in fact helps anti-aging as well so any skincare product that moisturizes well definitely catches my attention.

If I remember correctly, this retails in Watsons at around the $30 mark. Not a cheap drugstore skincare product I must say but is it worth the price? There is a similar brand in the market with the same Hyaluronic acid concept which is Hada Labo. I have done reviews on this brand too. However, their essences seems to cause breakouts in most people and thus, I tried JuJu Aquamoist essence instead. And, here are my thoughts:


  • Fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil, colouring free
  • Gel texture that absorbs into my skin fairly quickly, allowing other layers of skincare products to be applied
  • No greasy feeling
  • Moisturize well, as good as my Paula’s Choice hydrating mask.
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Hygienic as it has a pump
  • Only a pea size is needed



  • Glass bottle that cracks or breaks if not careful
  • Moisturizer is still needed as this only helps to prevent moisture loss.
  • Not moisturzing enough for extremely dry/mature skin


Will I repurchase again?Definitely yes! I am still trying other products but this would definitley be my staple!



Thanks for reading!

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