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On August 25, 2013 by Michelle

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I have been madly shopping at Intoxiquette lately. I think I have reached a point whereby I would chase each new collection launch by a blogshop everyday just so that I could grab those popular pieces before they get sold out. Not only is this damaging on my wallet, but it could also means lots of reckless impulse purchases because I buy before I think!

Anyway here are some of my reviews on the Intoxiquette pieces. I especially love this blogshop more than the rest because not only is the model around the same height as me, which allows me to fairly estimate the length of the dress. In addition, most of their dresses have linings which is important to me because I really dislike sheer pieces. Their quality have been promising and consistent so far.

link (here)

photo 1intoxiquette


This dress is perfect for work and it is really hard to find sleeved dresses among the blogshop pieces nowadays. The material of this dress is thick, though not thick enough without the lining. One thing I disliked about the lining is that is is not of the same length as the outer piece. Since I am fairly tall, the lining ended pretty high up on my thighs. I would have love this better if the lining is longer. As such, I think I might be letting this piece go. Quite disappointed as I really like this dress. If not, do you have any ideas how I can rectify this problem?

link (here)

photo 2intoxiquette


The prints on this piece is insanely gorgeous! The material is thick and comes with lining. For this design, Intoxiquette carries blue as well which reminds me of china pieces. Sadly, the colour was sold out and I ended up with black. This piece fits nicely on me but I realized that it was too short for me, especially the back. Such luck! I have to let this go as well 🙁

link (here)


This piece is a keeper for sure! The material is thick and on top of the lining, you need not worry about wearing coloured undergarments underneath the dress. I love the embroidery the most across the chest and with the right jacket/blazer, you could wear this to work! The length is just right for me as well.

link (here)


I don’t normally go for figure hugging dresses because of my unsightly bulges. However, I decided to get this piece as a motivation for me to tone down (currently, I am taking Muay Thai classes!). The prints are beautiful and this is really a chirpy piece to wear because it will definitely brighten up your day. Material for this is thick and this fit me just right!


For ref, I’m a UK 6/8 tops, UK 8/10 bottoms. 1.60m tall.
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