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On August 18, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


In my last post HERE, I talked about Erabelle Prestige. Today, I am featuring their brow products!

Courtesy of Erabelle, each blogger was gifted with a whole range of Erabelle tools, which are available for purchase individually if the customers would like to groom their brows at home.

I really love the pouch that we were gifted. Each bag is customized with our own name! Unfortunately, these pouches are not for sale at Erabelle.

Hi! My name is Michelle 🙂

I am going to go through the items one by one and if you would like to know more about these products and how they work, feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment.

Let’s start with something that we are all familiar with.

Eyebrow Techno Tweezers

Specially fabricated with unique polymer tip to provide added protection to skin when tweezing. Erabelle’s Techno Tweezers is designed for pain-less precise tweezing. Priced at SGD$61.

Don’t cringe at the figure just yet! I believe in investing a pair of good tweezer for long term use, that is unless you always misplace things. Having used my trusty Tweezerman for years, I find that this Tecno Tweezers is not bad at all! In fact, I find this being able to grab hold of really tiny hairs easily whereas, my other pair of tweezer must just break the hair.

Eyebrow Comb/brush

Specially curved-shaped comb ensures for a precise fit for easy trimming, while the brush sets brow shape for a well-groomed look. Priced at SGD$9.

Eyebrow Scissors

Expertly-crafted, with fine curve cutting edge which follows the natural brow shape, Erabelle’s Eyebrow Scissors makes trimming a breeze.

This pair of scissors is Swiss-made and you are paying for quality here! Definitely durable! Priced at SGD$56.

Sharpener – Eyebrow

Sharpens your brow pencils to perfect point with no wastage. Have you ever tried sharpening your pencils and the lead breaks? Well, this sharpener is crafted not to do that to your pencil! Priced at SGD$10.

Erabelle Long Lasting Brow Pencil (Dark Brown / Black / Grey)

With its solid lead, the pencil delivers precise, natural lines to create perfectly defined brows, while the highly pigmented formula ensures long-lasting hold. Priced at SGD$34.24.

The shade I opted for is Grey. Even though it is named Grey, it has a brown undertone to it, perfect for those with natural hair colour or with dark brown hair. From the swatch, you can tell that the pencil is waxy which is essential for brow pencils because the wax helps to hold the hair in place and also gives each stroke of the pencil on your brows a soft focus, making your brows more natural.

What I love most about this pencil is the attached brush on the other end of the pencil! This makes grooming your brows easy when you are on a go! All you need is this brow pencil and a mirror. Trust me, this pencil is worth the $30 odd that you are paying!



4 lucky readers will receive one brand new Erabelle Long Lasting Brow Pencil (Dark Brown), courtesy of Erabelle!

Aren’t you excited?


To enter the giveaway! All you have to do is:

1) Like my Facebook Page (Icefrost Beauty Diary) HERE.

2) State the name of your FB account that you have used to like my FB page.

3) Say “I want to enter the giveaway” and anything you want to babble.



That’s all! Giveaway will end on 29th August 2012 11.59pm! Open internationally.



Thanks for reading and good luck! ~


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