Review: DrGL Lightening Cleanser

On February 24, 2013 by Michelle

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I am sure many of you have heard of Dr Georgia Lee and her custom skincare and makeup for Asian skin types with “minimum fuss, maximum quality” benefits has definitely drawn in a crowd of ladies who want to beautify their skin without actually going under the knife.

With skin being the largest organ of our skin, it is no wonder why Dr GL focuses on the skincare range of her brand, adhering to all problems that we face day to day. One of which is of course, having a clearer and brighter skin. In this blazing weather, one of the grave mistakes that many of us make is not wearing sunscreen, causing us to develop sunspots at an early age. My mum always pester me to look for the best lightening product for her.

With the new DrGL lightening cleanser, I am certain this is one product that all ladies would love. Even I myself would love to owe a lightening cleanser to add more radiance to my face.

This cleanser uses an exceptionally high concentration of stabilised Vitamin C, widely acknowledged to be one of the most effective weapons against photoaging. Not content with standard ingredients, the Vitamin C in this formula is the best grade available, cost notwithstanding. Its powerful antioxidant action is harnessed to repair skin at the deepest level and prevent future sun damage.

Indispensable for uneven skin tones and pigmentation caused by UV rays. Cleans gently and thoroughly, then goes one step further to repair and protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun. On the surface, skin looks brighter, more even-toned; deep within, its defences reinforced.

Now, you can have brighter skin with just one step, by incorporating this as your daily cleanser.

This cleanser has no particular scent to it and foams up very easily.

Good thing about this cleanser is that it does not seem to dry out my skin at all. I understand how some whitening cleansers totally strip your skin of your natural oils but this does not! Having normal/dry skin, my skin is thankful for this.

After a few weeks of usage, I am glad to say that my face seems to brighten up slightly after ever wash. I cannot wait to get another bottle for my mum to try on her sun spots.


Available at:

Retails at SGD$88.00 for 100ml



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