Review: Daiso sponge review + Daiso brush cleanser

On November 18, 2017 by Michelle
Hi all!
Daiso is a place where everybody unknowingly picked up unnecessary items in their basket. Even so, there are purchases from Daiso that really works! I have been wandering around Daiso beauty corner lately and I have seen a few youtube channels testing out Daiso makeup.
So do they really work? Well, today, we shall test out the sponge!

The reason why I purchased a sponge was because I needed to find a dupe for my beauty blender. The packaging is also another reason for pulling me into buying the sponge. Somehow, a Japanese product gives you the mindset that the product is made better.

Both are dry when I put them side by side for comparison. In terms of size, the Daiso sponge is bigger.

To see how dense the sponge is, I applied the same amount of pressure on the sponge. As you can see, beauty blender is known for it being bouncy and soft, which allows you to dab the product on nicely in your skin.

Daiso on the other hand, is too hard and dense. So disappointed!

I then proceed to wet the Daiso sponge, thinking that it will expand in size when wet. I was wrong! It remains the same size even when wet. This is the wet Daiso sponge next to the dry beauty blender. As you can see, there is no difference in size at all.

Tried the sponge for foundation application and it was tough to blend the foundation. Basically, it just soaks up all the product on the sponge and leaves barely little foundation left on the sponge. It feels like I’m whacking my skin with an apple. ????

The Daiso sponge cleanser however did not disappoint. I had used this once before, probably like 6 years back and back then in the beauty community, there were a lot of raves for the cleanser. It’s only $2 and it works!

Instructions is to place this on dry sponge and wet it. Not on a damp sponge, for you want the solution to work in the sponge to get the gunk out before lathering with water.

Look at how dirty my sponge is!

I made use of my mini silicon “washboard” from Daiso as well to really get the gunk out of the sponge.  This washboard works really well on brushes too.

Tada! All clean!

Of course beside beauty blender, the cleanser works well on other sponge as well. Featuring my dirty Real Techniques marble gemstone sponge.

The cleanser works on this sponge too!

I would definitely recommend the Daiso cleanser over the sponge any day. I have been a fan of the Daiso cleanser ever since I started this blog which is close to 10 years?



Thanks for reading ~

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