Review: Biore Makeup remover for Eye and Lip + Cleansing oil cotton facial sheets

On October 13, 2010 by Michelle

Hello 🙂
I recently received some Biore products to review from TheSampleStore. I remembered the Biore cleanser in the pink bottle was my first cleansing product. Then, I felt that the Biore cleanser removed my makeup well, but was too drying for my skin. Now that Biore has come up with new products, I decided to give them a try again!

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip (R.P $14.90) | For eyes and lips
Biore Cleansing oil cotton facial sheets (R.P $16.50 and $11.50 for refills) | For eyes

Lets test out the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip first.

The packaging:


What it claims to do:                                                       How to use the product:


I have here a drawing of a pair of lips. Looks like there is a beauty mark near the lips huh? (:

Products used:
– Mac Graphblack eyeliner
– Mac Myth lipstick
– Mac C-thru lipglass


First, shake the solution and soak the cotton pad generously. Next place the cotton pad over your lips for a while before wiping your lip products off. Tada ~
With one wipe:


Lets try it on red lipstick.

Products used:
– Mac Graphblack eyeliner
– Sephora lip attitude lipstick

Repeating the same steps as before, with one wipe:       After a few wipes:


Now let’s test it on our eyes!

Testing my drawing skills, I have a drawing of an eye. Doesn’t it look like the eye seen on Biore packaging? Okay, I admit, it’t not a good replicate 😛 

Products used:
– Mac Graphblack eyeliner
– Mac coral crepe paintpot
– Mac painterly paintpot
– Stila smudge pot (purple)
– SMH eyeshadows over the bases
– L’Oreal Hip purple eyeliner
– Dejavu fiberwig mascara

As before, using the same routine, with one wipe:

As you can see, the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip does a decent job in removing the makeup. Removing eye makeup should be no problem. For cases of dark lip products, a few swipes of the remover may be needed instead of just one. There are better removers out there for sure, but for the price, Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip is a good consideration. Moreover, there is Hydraulic acid in this removing that provides moisturizing properties. After using the makeup remover, it does not leave any greasy feeling on my arm. This product is definitely worth a try.


Now we shall head over to Biore Cleansing oil cotton facial sheets.

The packaging:

The size of the facial sheet:

What it claims to do:                                                                         How to use the product:


I have here a drawing of a smokey eye.

Products used:
– Mac Graphblack eyeliner
– Mac painterly paintpot
– L’Oreal Hip gold eyeliner
– Kat Von D Beethoven eyeshadow palette
– Milani infinite eyeliner in purple
– YSL everlong mascara

To remove the eye makeup, place the facial sheet over the lids for a while in order for the makeup to dissolve. Wipe away your makeup slowly, do not tug.

With one wipe:                                                                  After a few wipes:


I am afraid for stubborn makeup like my Milani eyeliner, it would be quite a task to remove since we do not want to rub our eyes so hard, or else wrinkles would be formed easily. One pro of this product is that it is compact  and handy. Refill can be purchased which is a plus. The box ensures the that the product is still moist and fresh. However, I think it would be much better if this facial sheets can be used on our face too, which would be much more convenient.


Want to redeem free samples? Read below!


Thanks for reading ~

These Biore products were sent to me for reviews, but all my opinions are honest.

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