Review: Avance Lash Serum EX

On August 1, 2013 by Michelle

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Want fluttery long thick eyelashes that can mesmerize people?  Avance Lash Serum EX might be able to help you. With 3-4 weeks of application, this serum protect, moisturise and promote strength and growth from root to tip.

AVANCE is the pioneer for Eye Makeup and Eye Care in Japan.It was the FIRST to launch the AVANCE“Mascara” with Lash Treatment and Waterproof technology to Japan in 1937.

· Eyelash moisturising serum for growth
· Protects delicate hairs from damage and falling out
· Helps to repair damage from mascara and curlers
· Serum is fast and easy to use

Ranked #4 in best eyelash essence 2012 @
Ranked # 3-sector base mascara Essence @ cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2007
Ranked # 3-sector base mascara Essence @ cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2006
Ranked # 3-sector base mascara Essence @ cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2005
Ranked # 2 for liquid foundation mascara beauty @ cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2004
Ranked # 1 for eyelash Award @ cosme Best Cosmetic Essence 2001


While I do not see any particular improvement in the length of my lashes, the base of my lashes seem to be thicker than before. I am blessed with fairly long lashes that holds a curl naturally and I feel that this lash serum has allowed my lashes to curl even more. The best thing about this product is that this is not too harsh for the eyes. Having sensitive eyes, where I can tear easily by using  a mascra, I have no issues with this lash serum so far. So thumbs up for that! Please note that this serum might not work for everyone and I think results can only be seen after using this for a significant amount of time. So don’t be disappointed if you do not see any results after 2-3 weeks of usage. I have using this for more than 2 months now!

Retails for $39.90, available in selected Watsons, BHG & John Little.



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