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On July 21, 2010 by Michelle

So I had recently purchased 2 aqualabel products from Hong Kong SaSa and I had given them a try. Aqualabel is now in most Watsons stores. I shall not rate these 2 products to be fair as my skin is definitely not suited to use products from aqualabel. Albeit their hydrating technology, the skincare line is not on par with their shiseido line. That is just what I feel. Below is my review.


AC White up lotion


This is a lotion / toner made for acne-prone skin. After using this product, not only did it prevent acne, it in turned cause my acne to worsen. This is because my skin is badly irritated by it. I broke out near my chin and those are huge pimples. Why is my skin irritated? Well, beside the fact that my skin is sensitive, the main culprit is that this lotion contains alcohol! Blur me forgot to check what these products contain before I use them. Serve me right! 😛 Even though these products are made to hydrate your skin, I am surprised that the products contain alcohol as I believe that long use of alcohol on your skin will dry out your skin even more.


Deep clean cleansing oil

Okay, I must blame myself again for trying this product without checking the ingredients. This contains fragrance and my skin gets irritated by fragrance easily. The cleansing oil contains rose fragrance. Never mind the fragrance, this cleansing oil removes makeup pretty well. I tried it on my waterproof mascara too and it works. It states that it can unclog pores but i don’t really feel that my pores are entirely clean. Still, I think this cleansing oil is worthy to try if you are not allergic to fragrance like me 🙁 About the hydrating factor, I cannot really comment on it as I used it with the White AC lotion which definitely dries up my skin (combination-dehydrated skin).

I hope this short review is useful! (:


Thanks for reading ~

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