Review and Swatches: Laqa & Co. Lip Pencil and Nail Polish Pen

On June 6, 2012 by Michelle

Hello everyone!


Long time no see! My time schedule is hectic and I am suffocating with everything I need to do in a short period of time! Nevertheless, I finally set aside some time to do up a review!

Today, I am going to introduce to you this brand Laqa & Co. You might have already seen them in my Bellabox event post HERE.

This first thing that might have caught everyone’s eye is the packaging! These quirky graphics really pulls you in aye? What I like about Laqa & Co is their support for artists or designers by featuring their artwork on the packaging.

LAQA & Co. are a range of bright, high-gloss nail polish in a pen. Yep, you heard right…a pen! They work just like a real pen, only these pens let you quickly and neatly do your nails anywhere in a few clicks. But these aren’t just polishes, they’re little pieces of art too. We’re the brand covered in unique artwork from young designers who are looking to get their voice out there. We thought, where better than our little box. Designers even get a cut of profit, from every colour you buy.


Ain’t the artwork beautiful? I could not bear to throw away these boxes. If only, I could pin them up somehow. Perhaps I can use them for my scrapbook hobby!

For the nail polish pen, I chose Birthday Suit and Lambchop for the fat lip pencil.

Cosmetics in a pen seems to be the in trend right now – such as NYX jumbo pencils, Milani Shadow Eyez, MUFE aqua cream pencils, Clinique chubby sticks and many more!

Here are the pens, up close and personal.

Swatches of Lampchop:

I have no idea how Lampchop relates to hot pink. When I think of Lampchop, I think of mash potatoes and the herbed gravy on the lamp chop. *stomach growling*

Lampchop is a beauty hot pink colour, you know those right in your face hot pink? I don’t know how often I would wear it out. Perhaps when I am daring enough? However, I have to say this neutral-toned pink look alright on my yellow based skintone.

What I like about this fat lip pencil is the ease of application. With this fat pencil, you need not use a lip pencil as this pencil can give a pretty precise application. This twist up pencil need not a sharpener as well and it is so portable! The texture is not drying at all and it gives a slight gloss. It’s a pity there are only 5 shades available for these lip pencils.

You can purchase these fat lip pencils from Bellabox HERE at $26.00.


Next, as shown above, the Birthday Suit nail polish pen.


This is a lovely nude colour. I picked this up mainly because I had a lack of nude shades in my collection. They have another nude shades as well such as WTF. Oh yes, WTF is a nude shade. Anyway, this Laqa & Co. nail polish pens, albeit a cool concept, might have some little flaws. You see, this works like a normal pen. You click and it dispenses products. However, each click dispense too much product, not enough for one whole nail but might be too much if you click twice. It really waste quite a bit of the product there considering that you are paying for only 0.17oz of product.

The pigmentation of this nude shade is pretty okay. As shown above, this is 2 swatches. These nail polish pens are great gifts though. Great concept, good packaging, fairly good pigmentation, but it might have a little wastage issues.

You can purchase these nail polish pens from Bellabox HERE at $19.50.

Disclaimer: I was given Laqa & Co products by Bellabox but was not asked to do any review or related post on them. 



Thanks for reading ~

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