Review: $60 Net GO Hydrate Facial at GO60

On September 9, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


GO60 is a new chain under Mary Chia group and what is special about this new Spa is that this fits perfectly for those who are on a budget! Everything is $60 here, nett.

No more price uncertainty. No more unwanted package purchases. No more apprehension over what should be a most enjoyable pampering experience for you. In fact, we’ve stripped our price structure right down to a single flat fee of $60 for any service.

True beauty has nothing to hide, so come on down to our boutique at Esplanade Link from 21 June onwards and experience Singapore’s naked revolution.


This single price structure will definitely catch one’s attention. What’s best is that this Spa does not sell any packages so you need not worry about any hard-selling at all! Totally stress-free!

Beside just facials, GO60 provides body treatments and massages as well! Everything under one roof!

If you are feeling ambitious one day, you can even do 3 treatments at one go! Facial, Body treatment and even massages!

Their signature treatment is GO Strip –  a medical-grade derma-peel that uses Mandelic acid to rejuvenate your skin without any discomfort, flaking, prolonged redness that is usually a by-product of harsher chemical peels. Plus, mandelic acid peels are suitable for application even on darker skintones.


I was invited to try out GO60’s treatment and my main aim is to really see what set GO60 apart from it’s mother – Mary Chia, since I have tried Mary Chia’s treatment before.

When I first visit GO60, the staff already knew I was a blogger, trying out their services. Hence they already had a few treatments in place for me. With this arrangement, I was unsure if they provide any skin analysis for customers, advising the appropriate facials to your own skin type.

Initially, I was offered the GO Strip and a body massage, but I went for just a GO Hydrate Facial as my skin was really dry that day.

Entering GO60 room, everything was simple and clean. The robe and towels were oddly familiar and I realized that they were the ones used back at Mary Chia as well.

The bed is pretty comfortable and I can definitely fall asleep while doing the facial or treatments.


This GO Hydrate Facial is pretty basic. It includes cleansing, scrub, steaming for the face plus a shoulder massage, extraction and a double layer mask. All of the products used are by their own brand – GO60 as seen in the photos below.

GO60 has different group of products for different skin types. These products can be purchased packs for you to do your own facial at the comfort of your home!

Now, back to the facial. Cleansing and scrub were normal, nothing special. The scrub could be a little harsh to sensitive skins as the beads are fairly big, from what I feel, perhaps because my skin is pretty thin and thus sensitive. The steam for my face is at a comfortable distance, I remember for one facial quite some time ago, the steam was so close to my face, I couldn’t breath! Shoulder massage was pleasurable and it was exactly what I need after a long day at work! I still couldn’t help smiling to myself since I was so ticklish!

Extraction is what I believe everybody fears the most. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel much pain for this extraction! I had quite a bit of blackheads around my nose and chin area. Yuck.

Finally, the facial ended off with a double layer mask. A cream based mask is applied to my face, followed by a paper customized mask, to seal in all the goodness and moisture of the cream. One step that is missing from GO60’s facial compared to Mary Chia’s is that there is no eyebrow trimming for GO60.

After the whole facial, my skin is definitely hydrated and refreshed. I remember my skin having a reaction after Mary Chia’s facial, with flare-ups around my cheeks area. Fortunately, for GO60’s facial, everything is perfectly normal! My skin only suffered from mild dry patches near my cheek area (as my dry skin is pretty sensitive) but recovered within a day or two. After which, my skin is still fresh, clean and moisturized. Overall, thumbs up for this facial, for just $60 nett!

I even recommended GO60 to my mum right after my facial! If you are tight on budget, and if you are in the town area, do give GO60 a try. Hope that you will have a pleasant experience as I did.


GO60 can be located at:



Esplanade Xchange #B1-24 (at Esplanade CCL Station, Intersection of Exit A and B)
11am-9pm Daily





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