Have a peek: Reebonz Retail Space invited by Vanity Trove

On March 27, 2012 by Michelle



A few weeks back during International Women’s Day, I was invited to Reebonz Space by Vanity Trove (thank you Camy!) to have a look at the new Vanity Trove deals as well as to explore Reebonz Space.

Their deal for March was that there was two kind of troves instead of the usual one! The deal is already over but I think this is a great plan to cater to different ladies with different skin types or goals.

I do not have the March trove so I cannot do a review on the trove yet. Well if you do have the trove and want to say anything about it, let me know in the comments! I heard there is Candydoll cosmetics, from Japan. That is so cool!

There was a Skinc counter at the Reebonz Space that day and they had awesome discounts for UOB Lady’s card members. I a currently very satisfied with my skincare routine so I did not pick up any new products from Skinc but I was so tempted to try their serums.

Alright, now onto the Reebonz Space! I have been a diligent follower of Reebonz for their everyday deals but I alway ended up not getting anything. Stepping into Reebonz Space made me ecstatic as I get to see, touch and feel the actual products with my bare hands.

Many treasures were displayed in Reebonz Space and it is like a shopping heaven!

Brands includes…


Miu Miu

Kate Spade


Louis Vuitton

Chanel (Vintage Chanel!!)

Proenza Schouler (I want that mini PS1 sling please!!!)

Reebonz Space also sell clothes.

And shoes!

Can I have that pair of Louboutin?

I hope you had fun viewing these photos as much as how I enjoyed myself during the mini tour around Reebonz Space as well as getting to know about Vanity Trove and Skinc.



Thanks for reading ~

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