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On February 22, 2018 by Michelle

Hello all,

It seems that engaging Minimoon/ Honeymoon photographers a trend now? Due to the pressure of social media, there has been an increasing trend of couples posting edited well-posed photos in their social media platforms. What are your thoughts?

(My Pre-wedding photograpy in Melbourne: Edmund Leong Motion & Stills)

Honeymoon photos or Minimoon photographers are basically vacation photographers. In the market, there are already a lot of sites promoting vacation photographers. It is much easier to engage one PG from these portals rather than searching for “honeymoon photography”.

As I am planning for my honeymoon getaway, before even booking my tickets and accommodation, I was already looking at vacation photographers. Here are a few reasons why I think you should invest in one vacation photographer.

You are going to pop the question!

Proposing to your girl of your dreams is no easy feat. Having someone to document down the entire process is something that all guys will worry about. If you are overseas, having an actual photographer will give better results than relying on your tripod.

Selfie stick is not your best friend.

I think this works great if the country you are visiting has an amazing scenery or you want more than just wefies from your selfie stick during your honeymoon. If you are simply just noob with photography and want something more professional (hands up if you are like me!), this is the best solution. Let’s not talk about using your own phone lenses for that wide lens effect. Your photographer will have an array of equipments to frame everything perfectly in the picture.

Get them to show you the off-beaten paths.

Vacation photographers should know where to capture the best shot in the city. They can even recommend places that are not even in your standard Tripadvisor list. Having a local photographer is like having your own tour guide who knows the city better than you.

They teach you how to pose

If you are someone who seldom pose, let alone take pictures of yourself (camera shy lah!), how can we take a good shot? Every time I look back on my photos of myself in my overseas vacations, I always cringe.

Solo Travellers

Embarking on an overseas trip alone is liberating, and you may want to keep that in memory. Engaging in an official photographer would be able to help you snap photos that are worth keeping.

The standard rate for a 2 hour photography is around USD250 (~SGD 330). Will you invest in $350 for 15 photos?

Here are some of the well-known portals I have found online:

  • Wandersnap
  • Localgrapher
  • Shootmytravel
  • Local lens
  • Flytographer
  • Memorick
  • Picvoyage
  • Sweet Escape

A few Japanese photographers that I am considering!

  1. Viktor Chan from Wandersnap
  2. Fuka Kamata from Wandersnap
  3. Javier from Localgrapher
  4. Kan from Shootmytravel
  5. San from Shootmytravel
  6. Javier from Shootmytravel
  7. Andy from Shootmytravel
  8. Lucas from Flytographer
  9. Daniel from Flytographer
  10. Waki from Flytographer
  11. Mizuki from Sweet Escape


Thanks for reading ~

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