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On February 8, 2011 by Michelle



How was your Chinese New Year break? I had lots of free time on hand as I did only one visiting. Very much an indoor person, I love staying at homes and rot. Well, not exactly rot, as I have some work to do, but I just love lazing on my bed while studying. I jumped into the holiday mood way before the Chinese New Year break.

On 27th Jan, it was my brother’s birthday and since baking is one of my favourite pastimes, I had to bake a cake. Being a little adventurous, I tried a new recipe and my brother and his friends whom he invited for his birthday party shall be my guinea pigs! Turned out it was quite delicious!  Behold, a dense Chocolate Orange Swirl Cake with Chocolate Mousse…

I did bake some Pineapple tarts for CNY too but I forgot to take pictures! How forgetful ~

Just a few days before the start of Chinese New Year, my best friend and I had a mini “reunion” dinner at Tanglin’s mall Oomphatico’s Cafe. This is one whimsical cafe and I admit, I am there not for the food but for the ambiance. I had taken loads of pictures of this cozy little cafe but managed to restrain myself by selecting only a few to post here:

Overall, my friend and I spent around $20 per pax. We tried their set dinner and there was only 1 dish we truly like and higly recommend! Oomphatica’s Homemade Gnocchi! You got to try this if you are dining there. The rest of their food was just average.

The Gnocchi would be the pasta-looking dish in the middle row.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6733 9088

Right, back to the topic of CNY, as my family would be staying at home almost everyday, my mum and I put in some effort into decorating the house. We seldom do that for the past few years but change is good.

How was your CNY break? (:

Here is the nails I have been sporting for only 6 hours on the only day of visiting. Initially I wanted to try the rose decals that I purchased from PNC in Chinatown, as mentioned HERE. However, since time was not on my side, I did a quick painting of my nails using China Glaze Vintage Vixen and OPI Black Shatter polish. This combination is very fast because the use of the shatter polish allow mistakes to be made since the mistakes can’t be easily seen with the shatter effect. A top coat of Seche Vite and I am done!

Another reason why I wanted this combination was because of the tunic I was wearing for the visiting:

They match one another, don’t they?


Thanks for reading ~

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