Random day with Onsugarettes + Swatches for MAC Stylishly Yours CCB

On January 8, 2011 by Michelle


Today I had a gathering with the Onsugarettes. It was initially a meetup for Joanna (MissJology) to distribute the Sugarpill and Sleek plaettes and one thing leads to another, it became a gathering! I am really glad to have another group of friends whom I can hang out with and they are none other than the Onsugarettes. All the giggles and laughter about the teeniest thing really lifted my sprits for the day.

Since Kimberly, Rusty, Joanna and I were the first to arrive, we headed to Ichiban Boshi at Centrepoint to eat the salmon fish skin! The fish skin had been a hot topic on twitter for quite a few days, believe it or not.

Spot the salmon skin! Yummy…

After a while, we were joined by the rest (Jerlaine, Chantana, Amy, Kas, Charlene, Priscilla, Jennifer, Fatin, Gwen, Imma) and even had to switch to a bigger table. A few of us were intrigued as to how to eat a salmon fish head and here, we have Joanna to demonstrate.

She is going to eat the eyeball!

We hanged there for quite a while, chatting about everything under the sun. Next, we trooped over to Ion, “terrorizing” the Sephora and Mac stuff there. I went there after I visited the Singpost to pay my bills. On my way there, I spotted Roseanne! I first recognized her by her outfit (which she wore on one of her youtube videos) and then her soft, luscious and wavy hair. Really a weird way to spot a person indeed, I know. Joanna and I visited Jasmine during her work at Ion too!

At Mac, I went swatching away without hesistation. Here are the swatches of the Mac Cream Color Bases from Stylishly Yours collection:

From left to right: Virgin Isle (I want this!), Tickle Me Pink, Movie Star Red, Madly Magenta

The cream colour bases impressed me as they are not greasy and act like a stain on your cheeks. The horizontal swatch is Style Curve, the purple lipstick fromt the collection. Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out royal purple, but violet instead.

I also visited the Soap & Glory counter, intending to purchase at least an item from Soap & Glory – the body lotion but killed the idea instead. That’s because I won a Soap & Glory item from Charlene’s giveaway! Thank you for adding this last-mintue prize in your giveaway!

Scrub your nose in it! Can’t wait to try this.


How is your Saturday?

Thanks for reading!

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