Places to Visit in Melbourne / Victoria (Part 1)

On August 27, 2017 by Michelle

Melbourne was fun! I had a blast visiting this city in Australia for the first time. We decided to explore the city while having our PWS there.


Do you know? Melbourne is listed as the most liveable city in the world? I agree to a certain extent. Melbourne is a concrete jungle, but it is surrounded by nature like the Mornington peninsula, Grampian, mountains and the famous Great Ocean Road. Melbourne is also a city filled with graffiti and is a strong supporter of the arts.

I will be listing a few places that you ought to visit in Melbourne!

Queen Victoria Winter Night Market

If you are visiting Melbourne during their winter, around June to August, I recommend visiting their Queen Victoria Winter Market for food!

As many stores in Melbourne close early, say around 6-7pm, or even earlier, sometimes, Queen Victoria winter night marker can be a good idea to grab your dinner. Chinatown has a lot of eateries that closes much later but why would we want to eat Chinese food when you are in Melbourne?

Their food is not exactly cheap, say around the range of $7 to $16.

But it is as close to Europe as you can get! I love the vibe for this flea as you see everybody mingling with one another over good food. They have a lot of stalls selling meat, so if you are a vegan or vegetarian, this may not be for you.

 University of Melbourne

Melbourne / Australia are known for their universities so if you love to explore universities during your free time, visit University of Melbourne for the gothic structure. Snap some pictures over there as well!

This is RMIT university. How gothic is that building?

 Queen Victoria Market (In the day)

Ok, everybody should know that QV market is known for the oysters yes? Just like Borough Market in London, I have fed myself full with fresh oysters!

Have read somewhere that South Melbourne Market has cheaper oysters, but I missed the trading hours on the days it was opened. Bugger!

I love shopping for homemade sauces and jams. QVC is the place for that in Melbourne!

Do come early to avoid the crowd in QV Market.

 GPO building

GPO building houses the most beautiful H&M in the world! Even if you are not planning to get anything from H&M (well their prices are about the same as our), do have a walk inside to go ga-ga over the structure.


H&M in Melbourne carries H&M home line though. Which is missing in Singapore. Why why? They have all the homewares in the latest trend. Brass/ rose gold, foliage pattern, marble pattern etc.

 Block Arcade & Royal Arcade

This is a heritage shopping place located in the busy CBD district of Melbourne. I stayed at the CBD area so this was of a walking distance. If you love vintage furnishings, check this place out.

Royal Arcade is similar and it is just located a few streets down from Block Arcade.

There is a particular tea room at Royal Arcade which you shouldn’t miss.

Called Hopetoun Tea Rooms, all the cakes and pastries are arranged nicely at the display chiller, catching the attention of all women. There was a long queue which unfortunately, was the reason why I had to give this place a miss. Should you pass by Royal Arcade and are a fan of high tea, go there early to avoid the queue!

St Paul’s Cathedral

Situated just diagonally across Flinders Station, this is another landmark that tourist can visit to snap a few pictures of the architecture of this cathedral.

While visiting this place, you can also visit the Federation Square that is just opposite the cathedral.

 Hoiser Lane

Hoiser Lane is a place to take lots of your OOTD photos! This small alley, that is also opposite Federation Square has graffiti all over the walls.

The art is ever changing, so don’t expect to see the same art as what I have taken a photo of here!

Had to wear a cap as it was drizzling and I have no umbrella! ???? It was super cold that day due to the rain. Around 9 degree celcius.

 State Library of Victoria

Another Instagram worthy place! One cool thing is that the library also has free exhibitions! Great for those who love museums and the history.

 Target (Near Chinatown)

Marble! ????????????

If you are near Chinatown, visit Target for the homeware! They close at 10pm so you can definitely fit in some late night shopping in Melbourne.

I wanted to visit Kmart which is similar to Target but it was too far away and I have no car.

A little haul of all the homewares from Target and other places.

Take Tram 35

Speaking of not having a car, we actually saved quite a bit, making use of the free trams around the city.

Instead of signing up for a hop on and hop off bus, I would recommend just taking Tram 35 which is a loop around the CBD area.

You will pass by a few landmarks such as the parliament building (below). Federation square, Observation wheel, Flinders station etc.

Parliament House.

For someone as lazy as me, this tram allows you to snap some photos of the landmark at the comfort of your seat. ????

Look! Someone is also taking their PWS at Melbourne! But this building was not one of my location shoots. Hahha.

 DFO South Wharf – Outlet Shopping!

Tram 35 also allows you to stop at a station which is just across the river for the DFO outlet shopping mall!

Didn’t spend a lot, but my man spent the most at Billabong, Ripcurl etc. ????

There is also outlet shopping at Habourtown where the observation wheel is at, but DFO has the most number of brands . Do be prepared to spend at least 4 hours there! If you are driving to DFO, they do have free parking. Just make sure to ask for a parking coupon at the shop where you have purchased your items from. Well, if you didn’t buy anything, no parking coupon for you! So they are really enticing you to shop!

Here are a few brands they carry that are local (Australian-brand), and I recommend that you give them a visit:

  • Billabong
  • Cotton On
  • The Cosmetic Company Store
  • Dotti
  • Forever New
  • Glue store
  • Lovisa
  • Melrose Avenue
  • Rip Curl
  • Sketchers
  • Smiggle
  • Superdry
  • Temt
  • Glasson
  • Valley Girl
  • UGG

Chuckle Park Bar

We ended one of the nights at a bar – Chuckle Park Bar and Cafe which is near the Block Arcade.

Their cocktails is around the same price as what you get here. Don’t expect their alcohol to be cheap there.

What I like about this bar is that they have Hot cocktails for the winter! My favourite! Spent at least $50 on 2 cocktails and one grilled sandwich.

I will continue with a PART 2, stay tuned!



Thanks for reading!

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