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About two weeks back, on Thursday, I brought my dog – Happy over to Petopia for a complimentary micro bubble bath as a treat from Petopia for their Facebook fans! How generous of them! Each micro bubble bath costs an estimate of $80. I was definitely elated to be able to treat my furbie to a nice bath. Moreover, it was near Mother’s day. Making my dog happy is equivalent to giving a present to my mum. Don’t you think so?

Disclaimer: I was not asked to do any review regarding the service by Petopia. All content is written at my own pleasure.

Petopia is located at Jalan Kelulut, located near Yio Chu Kang road. As the locaton is a little isolated, it is best to drive there. For me, I relied on my handy GPS as usual. With the help of the GPS, I had no problem finding the shop.

Upon arrivial of the store, I was greeted not only by the enthusiactic staff at Petopia, but also Petopia’s mascots! Who are they? Well they are the dogs owned by Petopia. It was a warm sight as all the dogs rushed over to your legs, wagging their tails profusely.

As I handed my dog over to the professional care for her micro bubble bath, I walked over to the side of the store where the customers can view our dogs in action. Unfortunately, as my dog is partially blind due to her age, she could not see that I was standing right in front of her, separated by just a glass panel. Oh she is 10 years old by the way! Many, even some groomers, thought that she is only 3 years old! Looks are deceiving. Never judge by the cover of the book.

The micro bubble bath is a technology from Japan that can separate the water molecules into nano-sized. This nano technology benefits the dog in a way that they would no longer have a dog odour lingering on their body. In addition, the nano molecules can remove all the dirt on the dog’s fur.

Happy enjoying her bath, I guess? She is as timid as a mouse. I can see her shivering actually, but the bath looks so comfortable.

The staff showered the dog in this bath tub for roughly 15-30 minutes. I did not manage to take note of the time as I was busying admiring Happy at a close distance, pushing my face against the glass panel like a fascinated kid.

Almost done!

After this micro bubble bath, the staff concoct a shampoo mixture using a blending with their special ingredients as a shampoo for Happy.

Oh Happy, always a busybody.

After which, Happy was brought over for drying. This party I was not able to view. Not long after, she is done! All dry and fluffy!!!

Looks like a teddy bear!

She was even given a good brushing of her coat.
Happy is a unique Shih Tzu – her breed. Her coat is less common, at least from what I saw in Singapore, which is gold and white. Most Shih Tzus have brown and white coat.

If you are bored of waiting for your darling pup, you can always do a little shopping at Petopia. They import most of their stocks from Japan.

Petopia even has their own range of shampoo and other skincare for dogs.

You can even browse through their magazines. Some magazines cater to only one specific breed.

Shih Tzu magazine!

You know you are in good hands when you see so many trophies.

Really love the decorations around the place.
Petopia also has grooming and daycare services for dogs. If you want a pampering session for your beloved best friend, Petopia is a place I recommend!

Happy is all smiles when I collected her. Figuratively of course.



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