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Hi again,


This is my final post for my Mary Chia Villa Chill Out Spa Party!
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After all the D.I.Y activities, it was goodie bag time!

Goodies for all my guests! As explained in my booklet post, I wanted my guest to pick their own goodies!

The goodies are sponsored by Vanity Trove and Haus of Makeup again! Style Hair Moisturizers by Vanity Trove and Ardell lashes, Teardrop sponges and Nail Stick-ons by Haus of Makeup.

As I wanted my guests to have more goodies, I purchased more makeup and nail polishes from Essence from Watsons!

One, Two, Three – GRAB!

Paper bag also proudly sponsored by Mary Chia!

As I was running about during the party, setting up all the individual stations, I didn’t manage to take much photos with my guests. I probably should hire a photographer next time! Being your own photographer at your own party takes up too much time!

Thanks to all my guests for coming to my party!

Pretty Kimberley is the face of the my newly set up clothing blogshop, with CharleneXOXO, Esmee!

I even received some gifts from Mary Chia and my reader – Hui Jin as well!

A bouquet from Mary Chia! And thanks to my buddy Jie Huai for working this party out with me!

Hui Jin knitted this herself! So talented ~


Thanks all for reading all my posts on the Mary Chia Spa Party!


Thank you to all my sponsors as well:

Mary Chia, Vanity Trove, XOXO Esmee, The Baking Chef and Haus of Makeup!


Once again, thank you to all my guests! I hope you had fun and that you will use your voucher sponsored by Mary Chia soon!


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Thank you!



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