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Hi again,


This is my third post for my Mary Chia Villa Chill Out Spa Party!
Read my part 1 HERE.
Read my part 2 HERE.

Moving forward, the next activity is for my guests to make their own nail polish ring! If you do not know, I have a nail polish ring tutorial HERE!  What is a nail polish ring exactly? It is painting on a clear cabochons or a flat glass marble with your nail polish and attaching it to a ring band. I wanted to include this activity to my party because this ring tutorial defined what I like to blog about – not only on beauty products, but fun stuff on beauty!

My pretty babes.

The table is filled with my own nail polishes!  I used the big shell to contain the clear cabochons and metal ring band!

Xue Wei, Yi Qi and Hui Yan deep in thought as to which polish to pick.

I’m pretty sure Rusty and Charlene are uploading their photos on Twitter and Instagram!

Hui Jin, Sochii, Charlotte and Gym!

Aren’t they creative??

Here are more pictures uploaded on Instagram by my guests!


As I blog about makeup quite often, I wanted my guests to play with them. Intially, my thought was to have a mini makeover for my guests but come to think of it, who wears makeup in on a vacation in a Villa? Okay, minimal makeup at least, and not heavy makeup. A makeover might be a little too much. Hence, I decided to just have a station for my guests to play with them!

These make up products and tools are proudly sponsored by Vanity Trove and Haus of Makeup!

We have concealers, lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeliners, brushes, eyelashes, sponges!

You name it, we have it!

My guests are all swatching the products away!

Keeping my guests occupied throughout the party, the next activity was to decorate their own cupcakes! I think this party has slowly become a d.i.y workshop! But, it is more fun this way, don’t you agree?

These banana flavoured cupcakes are sponsored by The Baking Chef again! Thanks to the owner – Farah!

Chocolate buttercream for the icing!

Frosting away! And of course, taking photos of the masterpieces once done!

And posing for the camera!


Pretty Junry!

Loving the pipings on these cupcakes!

Is this making your mouth water?

Alright! I have decided on having a Part 4 because I have more photos ahead!


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  • moon

    hi michelle! may i know where you got the cabochons from? i bought some flat marbles from art friend but they dont look as big or round as yours! they’re also pretty uneven in shape and thick, so i’m thinking they’re not the same? would really appreciate the help, thank you!

    • Michelle

      I bought those from Etsy! Very expensive though :/
      I might bring in some at a cheaper price in the future, hopefully in July!

  • moon

    thanks for replying! i was surfing etsy and they are indeed pricey.. will be looking forward for supplies from you if you ever bring them in!

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