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Hi again!


This is my 2nd post covering on my Mary Chia Villa Chill Out Spa Party! Read my 1st post HERE.

Let’s pick up from where we stopped. Remember me mentioning handcrafting each individual booklet for my guests? Well, how I did it was to print 90 sheets of the booklet pages, folding them into half exactly, cutting them, and then binding the books together. What? So much work? Yes, but I believe in making the gifts more personalized for my guests. I did thought of just printing the booklets but I killed the idea. It was way out of budget plus these handcrafted looks more personable and I think the handcrafted vibe fits into the Villa theme even more!

I even added the shell for the Villa theme!

Doesn’t the rope gives a nautical feel as well?

First page is of course the agenda of the party!

I tried to place the pages according to the sequence of the activities lined up for the party.

The nail polish ring tutorial that would come in handy for my guests later on!

I also included informations about the sponsors for the party – Vanity Trove and XOXO, Esmee shown here!

I always included the treaments by Mary Chia in the front few pages. It’s a pity my guests could not enjoy the treatments at the same time too!

I’m pretty sure the goodie bag page made people excited! Also, next to it was a feature on my cake sponsor – The Baking Chef!

The last page is for the D.I.Y polaroid! I attached an extra cardboard for all my guests for them to decorate their polaroid on it so that they could place their cardboard next to their bed and dream about the party night after night, haha!

Hard work I must say in making this booklet, especially when I have a 9-6 job now! However, it is all worth it because the booklets turn out pretty awesome. Besides, I like a little D.I.Y project.

Here is Rusty, choosing the stickers for her own polaroid!

Everybody concentrating on their art piece!

Pretty Felicia posing for the camera!

Charlotte and Gym with their decorated pieces!

All my guests’ pretty polaroid decorations!

I made these Fruit Kebabs myself! These consist of grapes, cherry tomatoes, dragonfruits, lychees and pineapples! Very tropical, no?

Next, I ordered these Delifrance mini tarts which were hit among my guests! These were snatched up in a minute! If you have a party in the future, I truly recommend these tarts. 30 pieces for $39.

I had coconut drinks for all my guests too! I had a problem trying to chop the tip of the coconut for my guests to drink but thanks to my friend and her chopping skills, my guests had coconut drinks to quench their thirst!

Oh yes, I purchased a pineapple as a decoration too!

The coconut was so gigantic, even my guests have to share one coconut!

I ordered some cake pops from The Baking Chef as well – in my favourite flavor, Red Velvet!

My friend, Yi Qi, with her cake pop and my floral headband prop! Villa chic!

Sushi! Who doesn’t love sushi?

That’s all for part 2! The real activities would be covered in part 3! Stay tuned!


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