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Hello all!

This is just a post before my actual party, showing you how I get my party ready and a little sneak peeks!

Since it is the summer season, well it’s summer all year round in Singapore anyway, I wanted to do an appropriate theme for the season! Moreover, the Mary Chia Urban Homme outlet that I would be holding my party at has pebble floorings which fits the Villa theme well! When I think of Villa, the first thought that came to my mind was Bali or the beach with palm trees. Imagine yourself standing on the white sands, or lazing on the beach bench and being given a full body massage. One word – shiok! So hence, I decided on the Villa theme where my guests can chill out at the party with food and drinks too! Just like a vacation!

Now, let me show you some of the decorations I planned to use. Since my party was a villa/beach/summer themed, I had a lot of flowers, greens and shells in mind. Hence, I made use of some decorations in my house as well as some newly bought decorations for the party.

My mum and I are big fans of roses so it was fairly easy to find anything floral in the house to be used at the spa party!

Next, these two adorable green “grass-like” statues are from Japan! Kawaii right?

I purchased these two giant shells for storing of materials needed at the party. You know know soon in the next post what these shells are for! Theses are humongous, as big as my palm or even more!

I did a lot of personalized and handcrafted gifts for my party. I really wanted to give all my guests a treat and so I decided to purchase these rhinestone alphabets for my guests! Crafting each and every “souvenir” individually really shows my sincerity to my guests who agreed to attend my party!

My idea was to create a booklet for each guests with pages showcasing not only the agenda of the day, but also sponsors for my party (such as Mary Chia and others) and a little instructions for some DIY activities in my booklet!

Here I have glued each shell individually on a cover for the booklet. Can you feel the beach vibe? The end result would be shown in the next post! I shall keep you in suspense 🙂

Here are the pages that I have placed in my booklet! Each page contains all my hard work and sweat in designing them. As I am not professionally trained in graphic design (I studied accounting!), these were a little difficult to make initially. I was very much inspired by all the advertisements I have seen while roaming around in Japan back in end of May as well as in magazines.

Agenda for the party.

Mary Chia treatments being given to each and every guest! As my Mary Chia outlet was too small and due to time constraints, each guests were given a voucher for them to come back another time to enjoy the treatments.

A “Try Me Out” station where all the guests would be playing with makeup!

If you followed my blog a while back, I had this nail polish ring tutorial HERE. I decided to let all my guests bring home their own customized nail polish rings!

Goodies being sponsored by Haus of Makeup (

Hair moisturizers being sponsored by Vanity Trove.

Vouchers being sponsored by XOXO Esmee (, a new online clothing blogshop!

I had an idea with the guests picking out their own goodies instead of them being distributed the same set of goodies as others! Wouldn’t that be more fun?

I had a little DIY cupcakes corner during the party and the cupcakes were sponsored by The Baking Chef! Want to find out what flavour I choose? Find out soon! I purchased cake pops from the owner, Farah, as well because I love cake pops! Tried making those once and they turned out bad. Visit her FB page HERE!

Finally, I had a section of the booklet for my guests to decorate their own polaroid!

These are all the decorations i have purchased for the designing of the polaroids. With a $300 budget, I managed to plan my finance well and make full use of it for all my DIY materials. Yay!

My next post would be on the actual party! Stay tuned ~

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