Osaka | Kyoto | Kobe Travelogue: DFS Shopping at Changi Airport!

On July 3, 2012 by Michelle

Hello all!



I am finally starting my Japan travelogue series! Back in May, I went for a trip to Osaka (mainly) and visited Kyoto, and Kobe as well.

Even before I begin my journey in Japan, let me bring you to do some shopping at DFS at Changi International Airport!

DFS in airports is like a make up heaven for makeup addicts like me and you. Yes, you too, don’t pretend. What I love are the deals that DFS offers as well as limited travel collections by the brands.

I wanted the Guerlain palette meteorites but I already have one Meteorites compact at home.

The prices of two Guerlain products (the primer and meteorites) combined is so much more worth it than getting them individually at retail prices.

I want!

Back in May, this Guerlain Emilio Pucci collection was not even out in departmental stores yet!

YSL travel palette – for S$69.50.

Products in DFS like to come in duo, trio, quarta, quinte, sexta….okay, maybe not so many but you get the gist of it.

This I forgot the price!

I wanted to purchase the Dior nail polish set because my collection is still lacking of nudes…but I didn’t.

Huge Lancome palettes.

Lancome seem to have more palettes and sets. Estee Lauder as well.

I was itching to get this as well! But I wasn’t particularly interested in the lipsticks and eyeshadows. Hence it would be a waste to get the palette.

DFS in Changi carries Victoria Secret scents as well, but they do not carry Victoria Secret PINK line! Why?

More of the sets.

Estee Lauder and OPI!


All the photos are taken with my Iphone! Well, you got to be sneaky! Hence, please excuse if the photo is blur.

My family and I (4 pax) managed to score a package (flight tickets + hotel stay at Umeda) for only three over grand! Our flight would have to transit in Hong Kong, being so cheap, but we weren’t complaining!

I love being in the Hong Kong airport!

And  I had my tastiest sandwhich there! No joke! I want to have another sandwich there again!!

Well, before I end this post, did I haul anything at DFS?

*Smirks* Swatches to be up soon!


Thanks for reading ~



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