Opposite of a Haul + Review (Nars primer / Chanel foundation etc) + Goodies from B.liv

On November 9, 2010 by Michelle

There was this tag going around months ago, showing on items that you have finished. For me, finishing products is a great deal for me especially when I have so many things to alternate around.

Anyway, here are the items that I have recently finished:

Simple cleansing wipes

These are my makeup remover wipes which I soon realise that they finish within weeks. As much as I love them for being gentle to my sensitive skin, it is not ideal to be buying new packs of wipes every few weeks. Right now, I am using baby wipes which are so darn cheap! Yes, baby wipes! They work, but not as great as Simple cleansing wipes. Nevertheless, I’m saving bucks and besides, I always double cleanse.

Nars makeup primer

At last, I finished the primer! I had been using it since June ’09! I think this is just a normal primer that acts as a barrier between your skin and foundation. I don’t find is extraordinary good. However, it is silicon, fragrance and alcohol free, which is a plus for sensitive skin like mine. I have an extra of this which I am letting go since I am using Laura Mercier face primer now. I still have a MUFE HD primer to use!

Neutrogena triple moisture hair mask

This is my 2nd tube. It is an excellent hair mask which makes your hair silky soft! A good alternative is Essentials hair mask which is more accessible as it can be bought locally unlike Neutrogena triple moisture hair mask.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

I bought this ages ago from drugstore.com but only started using it this year. This has to be one of the best lip balm I have tried. It’s minty cooling effect makes applying lip balm refreshing. I love that it has a spf too which is important for me as a have a stupid sun spot on my lower lips (Arghh)! You can find Temptalia’s review on it too! She loves it! I will definitely re-purchase it again, after i finish 5 of my other lip balms 😛

Sephora atomic volume mascara

Finally! I finished this mascara. It is now dried up beyond usage. Time to throw it away and open new mascaras (: Review of it can be found HERE.

Hada Labo exfoliating face wash

This feels exactly the same as Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Wash and the only difference is that the blue tube one has exfoliating properties. It does not contain any scrubs or beads which prevents your skin from drying out. Here is my review on the regular version and I think they are almost identical (:

Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme powder foundation

This foundation was initially supposed to be reviewed side by side with Nars powder foundation. I shall just do a short review on both here. Chanel foundation and Nars foundation are equally finely milled which gives a smooth application. However, Chanel mat lumiere is not as matte as Nars foundation as it has a slight glow to it. Oil control wise, I would prefer Chanel Mat Lumiere as this foundation will give a dewy look when trying to absorb the sebum that your face is producing. Both the Nars foundation lasts the same as Chanel Mat Lumiere, which is roughly 4 hours, with occasional blotting. Chanel Mat Lumier has a slightly better coverage than Nars. If I were to rate, it would be 7/10 for Chanel and 6/10 for Nars. I like that Chanel foundation is a 2-way cake and thus can be used wet. For colour range, I used deauville for Nars which is too pink for me. Chanel would be the lightest shade which has enough yellow in the foundation thus correcting the redness in my skin. Both are refillable. Which one would i repurchase? Chanel Mat Lumiere (:


Oh yes, I recently received some goodies from B.liv skincare line (: I was so eager to try them as I often see their advertisements in magazines. Would be doing the review soon!


Thanks for reading ~


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