NOTD: Midnight gradient + Random: DIY bracelet

On December 13, 2011 by Michelle



I have finally checked off an item from my to-do list and that is to create a gradient nail art. The key ingredient to this look is a sponge where you sponge on the different layers of polishes to achieve the gradient look.

Products used:

  • China Glaze Sea Spray
  • Zoya Catlin
  • Illamasqua Muse
  • Fine glitter


Here are my nails:

One thing i know is that the gradient is pretty hard to achieve as you would need to put in much effort in dabbing on the polishes using the sponge. Too much pressure would lose the gradient effect. You would also need to gauge when the polish is slightly tacky to achieve that spongy effect. If the polish is still runny, you would not be able to get much gradient. From my nails, you cannot really see the gradient, but in real life, the gradient is still visible, especially the tip which i used both glitter and the Illamasqua Muse polish.

Its pretty difficult, but at least I tried! It is pretty fun too, since you can choose your own shades to create the gradient.

Since I am on a arts and craft kick recently, all thanks to Rusty (musicplayson), I made my first handmade bracelet! Years back, I used to make my own earrings, and necklaces but they do not look great at all. Stepping back into the DIY territory again is scary yet fun!

Only knowing braids so far, I used the braiding method to create my bracelet, using the twine you can easily purchase in stationery stores.

And with some cute owl charms I found, I made this bracelet:

Doesn’t this bracelet have a very tribal feel to it?

I am planning to make more bracelets, now that this bracelet only costs me a few bucks! Thanks Rusty for introducing me to DIY bracelets!

And some random photos from my Instagram. Follow me at Instagram! My username is iamicefrost.



Thanks for reading~

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