NOTD + B’day surprise for the ladies in stripes

On March 18, 2011 by Michelle



I just received my China Glaze sea spray polish last week so I tried them on today! I had my nails bare for almost 3 weeks!

I only have a few blues in my stash and I think it is mainly because I find blue weird on my warm skintone. This looks pretty in tbe bottle but again I find it uneasy wearing them. Maybe Im just thinking too much?


Anyway, the main purpose of this post is to post up pics of what happened today! Sarah (FacesbySarah) held a little surprise party for the belated birthday ladies Sophia (makeup blogette) and Kas (sugarcrumb).  

Cakes waiting to be eaten…candles waiting to be lighted.

Little party held at Spageddies. The last time I ate there was almost 4-5 years ago at the Tanglin Mall outlet. I still remember my favourite dish there was the fried Calamari! Totally recommend 🙂

Candles lited, ready for Kas and Sophia to show up!

Sarah brought them in and they were caught off guard! Kimberley and Rusty captured this in action, shall bug them for the video later!

Singing a belated birthday song for them.

One last picture before they are devoured by at least 15 of us there.

Who eates cakes before our main meal? We do! The cakes are from The Icing Room at Somerset 313.

And after our cake session, dinner is served:

I swear I am a glutton!

Since there were 6 of us sharing 4 plates of pasta, Jerlaine, our professional “food splitter”, is at work here!

And as if having cakes and pastas were not enough, we had more desserts!!!

First time at Cold Stone Creamery!!

My flavour was Peanut butter cup! Sinful!

Hope Kas and Sophia enjoyed the surprise! Hehe 🙂



Alright, I need to sleep now to digest my food. Toodles ~

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